Thursday, June 29, 2017


Financial service firms discuss the future of blockchain

Barclays, State Street, Credit Suisse, Bank of Ireland and Fidelity will debate critical challenges facing financial services when it comes to blockchain adoption. Read more:

Crypto-enthusiasts are divided over ether ‘flash crash’

The volatility of the cryptocurrency bitcoin is well-documented, but its cousin ether, the currency traded on the Ethereum blockchain, is considered to be steadier. Read more:

China quietly tests digital hybrid currency

In a move that is no surprise to industry experts, China has begun testing its own digital currency for interbank transfers. Read more:

Everything you were afraid to ask about ICO’s

Raising capital as an entrepreneur is no cake walk. But for blockchain-savvy startups, fundraising has never been easier than in the current boom time. Read more:

OneCoin ‘license’ is a fake, says Vietnamese government

OneCoin doesn't have a license to operate in Vietnam despite claims to the contrary, the government said this week. Read more:

Blockchain bags $40m for Series B funding round

London-based Blockchain has bagged $40m for its Series B funding round. Read more:

SONM’s ICO nets $42m in only four days

Blockchain platform Supercomputer Organised by Network Mining has completed a $42m ICO in just four days. Read more:

Illicit cryptocurrency use targeted in proposed 2018 FBI budget

Cryptocurrency is being cited by the FBI as a reason it needs to increase its spending in an effort to combat more advanced cybercrime. Read more:

HSBC survey finds 59% of UK consumers unaware of blockchain

A recent survey from the UK-based bank HSBC suggests that ordinary consumers are still largely in the dark about blockchain tech. Read more:

Bitcoin potentially the most lucrative trading investment

Comparing Amazon share price and performance to Bitcoin draws interesting parallels, setting Bitcoin as the world's most lucrative trading investment. Read more: