Bitcoin exchange spreads are narrowing but gaps remain

As Bitfinex's banking challenges fade, the spread between prices observed on its order books and others internationally is falling. Read more:

US national security advisor: Bitcoin needs to be understood

A US think tank that advises the US government is exploring the threats bitcoin poses to national security, but also its benefits. Read more:

Coinbase users ask court to stop IRS Bitcoin tax hunt

Two unnamed Coinbase customers are seeking to stop the IRS from obtaining records on the digital currency exchange's user base, court records show. Read more:

US Congress to study virtual currency link to terrorism

A US Congressional subcommittee is developing a bill to study the use of digital currencies by terrorists. Read

Ripple pledges to lock up $14bn in XRP cryptocurrency

Reacting to concerns that Ripple might flood the market with billions in XRP, the company will voluntarily put the funds behind clock and key. Read more:

Tech giants could boost Bitcoin in regulatory push

Led by the large tech companies, Financial Innovation Now hopes to lobby Congress into setting up unified federal money transmission rules. Read more:

SAP launches Blockchain-as-a-Service in the cloud

SAP has launched a blockchain platform – “ready-to-use blockchain technology” – in the SAP cloud. Read more:

Chilean Stock Exchange Plans to Implement IBM Blockchain Tech

Chile's Santiago Stock Exchange is going live with a new blockchain project it aims to grow into a powerful cost-cutting tool. Read more:

Boost VC will now invest directly in ICOs

Institutional investor Boost VC is formally opening its doors to so-called ICOs, becoming the latest big venture firm to back the concept. Read more:

Palestinian gov plans ‘Bitcoin-style’ digital currency

The head of the Palestine Monetary Authority, the emerging central bank of Palestine, has revealed plans toward launching Palestine’s own digital currency. Read more: