Tuesday, April 24, 2018


ECAPITAL.CO launches pre-sale for ICO backed by revolutionary cryptocurrency exchange that...

As the Cryptocurrency market expands more and more people are looking to get in on the modern day “gold rush.”

Silicon Valley VCs ask US regulators to go easy on ICOs

A duo of heavy-hitting Silicon Valley venture capital firms has asked US regulators to take an industry-friendly approach to initial coin offering (ICO) regulations. Read more: www.ccn.com

Thai SEC consultant ‘hopes’ authorities reconsider tax

Thai SEC tech consultant admits the necessity of reconsidering the country’s digital asset tax framework introduced in late March. Read more: cointelegraph.com

Brazil brokerage firm may launch OTC bitcoin exchange

Brazil is home to half of South America’s population and wealth, and right now, the country’s largest investment broker firm may be primed to Read more: bitcoinmagazine.com

Basis collects $133m in a private placement

Basis, a cryptocurrency with an algorithmic central bank, has collected $133m through a private placement. Read more: fintech.global

Bitcoin mining hardware thief escapes from prison

Sindri Thor Stefansson, the alleged culprit behind the theft of 600 cryptomining computers, escaped from prison earlier this week. Read more: www.coindesk.com

New Ethereum tech brings security to scalable state channels

Researchers have unveiled a new ethereum scaling project with a focus on security, and even Vitalik Buterin wants to see it grow and succeed. Read more: www.coindesk.com

New data shows 7% of all Bitcoin changed hands last week

7% of all the Bitcoin in existence changed hands last week - that’s just one fascinating insight provided by new data showing Bitcoin’s lifelong 'hodl' habits. Read more: bitcoinist.com

Barclays considering Bitcoin trading desk

Barclays Plc has a fairly long history of putting down Bitcoin. Now, the financial institution looks to be changing its tune. Read more: bitcoinist.com

Amazon may soon accept Bitcoin (and sell the data to LE)

Amazon.com, Inc. - has won a patent for a marketplace that offers data feeds. More important, the patented marketplace includes bitcoin transactions. Read more: bitcoinist.com