Sunday, February 26, 2017


Bitcoin price tops $1,000 for longest stretch in history

Bitcoin has now been trading above $1,000 for more than seven days, enjoying its longest-ever stretch above this key psychological level. Read more:

China’s bitcoin traders find new ways to trade after clampdown

China’s central bank has stepped up oversight of bitcoin exchanges this year, leading major trading platforms to impose halts on withdrawals. Read more:

Japan’s largest bank tests digitized checks on blockchain

Japan’s largest bank, has chosen blockchain technology to test the digitization of checks using Singapore’s Fintech-friendly regulatory sandbox. Read more:

Vietnamese bitcoin platform Remitano targets global expansion

Remitano, a Vietnam-based P2P platform for trading bitcoin, has expanded its services across the English-speaking world. Read more:

How to make a success out of blockchain

Blockchain is now a business priority for the most senior executives at financial institutions. Read more:

Private digital currencies need regulation – Bank of Canada

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin will not be safe without government intervention and are likely to be counterfeited, according to a Bank of Canada. Read more:

Investor Bitcoin is offering 3 different bitcoin investment plans

The investment company launched its online platform to reach out to the international audience and give everyone a chance to earn profits. Read more:

How Blockchain will change the financial services industry

Blockchain technology has been hailed as a potential “second generation of the Internet.” Read more:

The big mistakes enterprises are making on blockchain

Let's just get it out there: using blockchain in an enterprise environment is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Read more:

Blockchain 2017: Out of the lab, into the field

As many have predicted, 2017 is the year blockchain is set to break out of the Proof-of-Concept stage and into production environments. Read more: