Monday, January 23, 2017

Coinbase CEO: IRS battle could cost startup $1m

Digital currency exchange Coinbase has officially responded to the so-called "John Doe" case instigated in November by the IRS. Read more:

Wall Street meets bitcoin boulevard

The vast majority of all Bitcoin trades are done by people just for the sake of making a trade, to drive down a price of exchange, or to “beat the street.” Read more:

Russian authorities: Bitcoin poses no threat, won’t be banned

Russia’s deputy finance minister has now stated that the country’s Central Bank does not see any threats in the use of cryptocurrencies. Read more:

Bitcoin backer Pantera Capital targeting new $25m fund

Pantera Capital, has been focused on bitcoin and other digital currencies since 2011, and Dan Morehead argues that its price is “actually very predictable.” Read more:

Chinese Bitcoin startup stops due to Central Bank concerns

A long-running bitcoin investment platform is shifting gears in light of new regulatory scrutiny in China. Read more:

Bitcoin price slides as Chinese officials inspect local exchange

Bitcoin tumbled to a one-month low on worries that Chinese authorities are going to tighten their oversight of the digital currency. Read more:

Bitstamp adds Ripple currency XRP to trading platform

One of the leading European-based bitcoin exchanges is adding another virtual currency to the bitcoins already traded on its platform. Read more:

OKCoin joins calls for bitcoin regulation in China

Following similar comments by fellow bitcoin exchange BTCC, OKCoin indicated that it is open to increased oversight from the Chinese government. Read more:

Bitcoin exchange operator pleads guilty to money crimes

Anthony Murgio, the former operator of the now-defunct bitcoin exchange has pleaded guilty in federal court for money crimes. Read more:

Coinbase’s CEO calls for Segwit activation

Brian Armstrong, CEO and co-founder of Coinbase, has called for the activation of segwit, a controversial protocol update of the bitcoin network. Read more: