Friday, February 23, 2018

UK investigating crypto, spinning future regulation as positive

UK investigators are said to be taking a good look at Bitcoin and its underlying technology, as a means of measuring cryptocurrency's overall risk to central banking, Read more:

Lawmakers renew calls for US to lead on crypto innovation

Following a U.S. Congressional hearing on cryptocurrency and blockchain, three lawmakers are renewing calls for the government to embrace innovation. Read more:

German regulator pledges ‘precise’ oversight of ICOs

Germany's top financial regulator has issued a letter of advice in an attempt to clarify some of the regulatory uncertainties around ICOs. Read more:

The legal risk to ICOs that no one’s talking about

Even if the SEC doesn't pursue an enforcement action against a token seller, buyers can sue privately under U.S. securities laws to unwind the sale. Read more:

Glitch almost leads to $20tn Loss

It's not a great time for Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges. Weeks after a major heist, another Japanese cryptocurrency exchange reported a huge disaster that, Read more:

Gibraltar will take market-driven approach to ICO rules

Top officials say Gibraltar will let the market determine what 'good' ICOs look like, and hinted that crypto investment fund regulation is to come. Read more:

A look ahead at crypto-compliance & regulation in 2018

Looking forward to 2018, several new pieces of legislation will be voted on or come into effect that will - for better or worse - reshape how ICOs, Read more:

South Korea seeks cryptocurrency ‘normalization’ in U-Turn

In a complete turnaround, South Korea’s financial regulator and watchdog has bullishly called for the development and ‘normalization’ of cryptocurrencies in the country. Read more:

South Korea investigating cryptocurrency regulator’s death

A South Korean cryptocurrency regulator in charge of "devising measures against cryptocurrency speculation" was found dead in his home from an, Read more:

Lithuania’s Central Bank probes €100m ICO

Lithuania's central bank has said it is probing Bankera's initial coin offering after determining that the token offered counts as a security. Read more: