Wednesday, March 29, 2017

ZrCoin crowdfunds first commodities option on blockchain

A new initiative will hold an ICO for the production of an industrial material using green technologies. Read more:

Asian banks outline Blockchain use cases

Financial Institutions are eager to identify the commercial opportunity that blockchain technology can offer their business. Read more:

IBM announces enterprise-ready blockchain services

IBM announced a new version of its enterprise-grade deployment of IBM Blockchain. Read more:

We’ve only scratched the surface with blockchain

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about blockchain being all hype. Read more:

IBM, INVICTUS collaborating on blockchain procurement

Singapore-based INVICTUS is leveraging IBM technology to develop an eProcurement platform, reports said Friday (March 17). Read more:

Blockchain Capital looks to ICO for new $50m fund

Blockchain Capital is planning to make an initial coin offering (ICO) to raise capital for its new $50m fund. Read more:

Chinese bank union to tackle receipt forgery with blockchain

Eight Chinese banks have teamed up with blockchain research startup Shenzhen Blockchain Financial Services. Read more:

FinTech startup Invictus hooks Up with IBM

Singapore-based FinTech startup Invictus has partnered with IBM to leverage their cloud and blockchain tech. Read more:

Blockchain is changing finance forever

An innovation imbalance has developed in the energy sector. Read more:

Delaware drafting law that would recognize blockchain records

Delaware is inching closer to using blockchain as a means to create and manage corporate records. Read more: