Thursday, May 25, 2017

SAP launches Blockchain-as-a-Service in the cloud

SAP has launched a blockchain platform – “ready-to-use blockchain technology” – in the SAP cloud. Read more:

Blockchain startup forms partnership for identity platform

Cambridge Blockchain is teaming up with LuxTrust to launch a new identity platform. Read more:

$1,700? bitcoin’s price is up even as its tech progress stalls

Amid scaling battles and upgrade standstills, bitcoin's price continues to rise. So what's causing all the momentum? Read more:

Blockchain regulation: Is Europe getting it right?

What do we mean by 'blockchain regulation'? It's something we hear governments, incumbents and startups say we need, but no one seems to be clear. Read more:

Blockchain fundings are trendy but still the Wild West

Many startups are currently testing out one of the most exciting new investment trends: blockchain-based initial coin offerings (ICOs). Read more:

Ripple unveils strategy to ‘become more decentralised than Bitcoin’

Prominent FinTech payments firm Ripple has announced a strategy that it believes will ultimately make its blockchain more decentralised than Bitcoin. Read more:

EU Parliament weighs Blockchain regulation

"When and how should governments intervene?" With that question, MEP Jakob von Weizsäcker kicked off a session yesterday at the European Parliament. Read more :

Blockchain has more potential than Bitcoin, says Minneapolis Fed

The president of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank has opined that blockchain, not bitcoin, has more potential for adoption in the future. Read more:

BitcoinGrowthFund secures $2.5m through ICO

BitcoinGrowthFund (BGF) has raised $2.5m in an initial coin offering (ICO) to invest in cryptocurrencies and other companies' ICO. Read more:

Blockchain vs AI – which is the better bet ?

As it has always been, today too, technology managers have to contend with two complementing technologies for their attention and budget. Read