Wednesday, November 14, 2018

IBM, Seagate team up to tackle hard drive fakes with blockchain

IBM is to use its blockchain platform to track Seagate-produced hard drives as a means to guarantee their authenticity. Read More:

Ethereum energy project now powers in 10 cities

Ethereum Energy Project Now Powers 700 Households in 10 Cities. Read More:

India’s richest man use blockchain for trade finance

Firm Owned by India's Richest Man Turns to Blockchain for Trade Finance. Read More:

Gmex to open blockchain securities exchange in Mauritius

We are pleased to announce the launch of the HYBSE International Marketplace that will bring to market a revolutionary blockchain exchange platform. Read More:

Why Blockchain is a good solution for KYC verification

Blockchain has demonstrated its capabilities with the conception of Bitcoin, which have completely revolutionized the global currency system. Read More:

Ping An launches new service in Hong Kong

China-based insurance giant Ping An has launched a blockchain-based international trade finance platform in Hong Kong. Read more :

Lattice80 to run fintech blockchain accelerator in Hong Kong

LATTICE80 announces the launch of a SDG Blockchain Accelerator at the Hong Kong FinTech Week. Read More:

Asia Blockchain Promotion Global Consortium is Formed

ASTON announced that the company formed "Asia Blockchain Promotion Global Consortium." Read More:

Ethereum studio just bought an asteroid mining company

ConsenSys has just acquired an asteroid mining startup called Planetary Resources. Read More:

Microsoft Azure blockchain signs Nasdaq financial framework

Microsoft Azure claims to support a rapidly growing number of distributed ledger technologies. Read More: