Thursday, October 19, 2017

FidentiaX to allow peeps to trade insurance policies on blockchain

A Singapore-based startup established this year to offer a marketplace for tradable insurance Read more:

Blockchain startup Digital Asset closes $40m Series B round

Digital Asset Management, a blockchain startup founded by former JPMorgan exec Blythe Masters, has closed a $40m Series B round of funding.

MicroMoney launches $30m token distribution campaign

MicroMoney, a Blockchain powered financial services platform, has launched a $30m token distribution campaign. Read more:

Swift blockchain success sets stage for Sibos

Swift declares its blockchain proof-of-concept a success, but in the build up to its biggest annual event, implementation is far from certain. Read more:

Slovenia aims to become the Lead in blockchain technology

The government of Slovenia has announced that it aims to position the country as the leading destination of Blockchain technology in the European Union. Read more:

Australian university issues academic credentials on blockchain

The University of Melbourne, a public Australian university, has become the first academic institution in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region to issue recipient-owned, Read more:

Blockchain startup BitClave collects $16.5m

Silicon Valley-based startup BitClave, which is creating a decentralized search ecosystem built on the blockchain, has collected more than $16.5m through, Read more:

Ethereum client update sets Byzantium hard fork date

The Geth implementation of ethereum has new code that enshrines an upgrade hard fork for later this month. Read more:

Russia could see Blockchain ‘broad use in state administration’

Russia's deputy prime minister has spoken about the government's possible use of blockchain for state services. Read more:

SEB, Nasdaq working on Swedish mutual fund prototype

Swedish financial services group SEB and Nasdaq are working on a joint project to test a developed prototype for a mutual fund trading platform based on, Read more: