Monday, January 23, 2017

Russia’s central bank adds blockchain-friendly firm

Russia’s central bank is continuing to grow its blockchain footprint, having announced the creation of a new FinTech association. Read more:

Blockchain could become an $8bn global industry by 2024

The next eight years could see the blockchain marketplace grow to almost $8bn in value, according to a new research report. Read more:

Deloitte launches blockchain lab in New York

Deloitte is launching an exclusive blockchain lab in New York’s Wall Street district to research and develop financial blockchain-based solutions. Read more:

Blockchain impact timeline speeds up

Uptake of distributed ledgers will remove $110bn in costs for the global financial services industry over the next three years. Read more:

As India goes cashless, its central bank researches blockchain

As India's government pushes ahead with a controversial plan to move the country away from physical cash, blockchain becomes a more viable alternative. Read more:

Blockchain, cognitive computing and cloud to shape future of finance

According to banking and technology chief executives, cognitive computing and cloud are some of the technologies that will shape the finance industry the most in the digital age. Read more:

What does blockchain promise for insurance?

The insurance industry is often slow to adopt change, and yet blockchain has the potential to affect it more profoundly and significantly than other financial service industries. Read more:

Wall Street’s book-keeper will use blockchain tech

he Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) will use blockchain technology as the core infrastructure to rebuild platform that manages and processes $11 trillion worth of credit default swaps. Read more:

Wall Street backs blockchain for savings on derivatives

A big Wall Street middleman is bringing in the technology behind the digital currency bitcoin to try to save banks tens of millions of dollars on fees for derivatives trades. Read more:

Blockchain and central banks: a tour de table

A year ago central banks were looking at the blockchain technology, mostly because they wanted to understand what private banks were talking about. Read more: