Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Credit scoring startup bonify grabs €5.5m

Berlin-based credit scoring startup bonify has picked up €5.5m in a Series A round led by London-based Mosaic Ventures and Silicon Valley firm Ribbit Capital. Read more:

Singapore’s central bank sets up dedicated data analytics team

Singapore’s central bank has set up a dedicated data analytics team to strengthen its position in the global financial industry. Read more:

Earnix picks up $13.5m for financial predictive analytics

Predictive analytics startup aimed at the financial services industry Earnix has raised $13.5m in a new round. Read more:

FinTech firms form new trade group

In the wake of proposed new regulations, a coalition of fintech companies has formed a new trade group aimed at ensuring consumers can access and share financial data with third-party companies. Read more:

FinTech companies form lobbying group focused on data sharing

A consortium of FinTech companies have formed a new industry group to advocate for allowing consumers to share their financial data. Read more:

Corlytics picks up €2.1m to help banks avoid fines

Irish financial risk intelligence company Corlytics has picked up €2.1m in a new round led by the Bank of Ireland Capital Growth Fund. Read more:

Attunity wins $1.1m payments deal for real-time big data

Attunity, a provider of data integration and big data management software solutions, has signed an agreement with a global payments processing firm. Read more:

Drooms picks up deal flow platform DealMarket

Virtual data rooms for due diligence firm Drooms has acquired private equity deal flow platform DealMarket. The financial terms of the deal are undisclosed. Read more:

EU financial regulators say more rules are needed for Big Data

Additional rules may be needed to monitor growth in Big Data which could pose security, privacy and accountability risks. Read more:

Big data in financial markets is getting the ‘FinTech’ treatment

Within the silos of incumbent financial services, so-called FinTech companies are good at picking off one thing only and doing it well. Read more: