Saturday, November 18, 2017

Sesame Credit, fintech and social credit scores in China

What would your reaction be if you wanted to get a loan and your bank asks to go through your Facebook profile? Read More:

Credit Suisse to launch Artificial Intelligence Sentiment (AIS) index

Credit Suisse announced today the launch of the Credit Suisse RavenPack Artificial Intelligence Sentiment (AIS) Index, a result of its collaboration with RavenPack Read more:

Credit Sesame scores $42 million in funding

Credit Sesame, a fast-growing, personalized credit service and financial wellness company, announced today it has raised over $42 million in equity Read more:

California-based Bigstream closes Series A

Big data and machine learning solution platform Bigstream has closed its Series A round of funding. Read more:

Datasine closes €1m seed funding round

Financial institution big data solution Datasine has closed a €1m seed round of funding. Read more:

To change how you use money, Open Banking must break banks

On January 13, 2018, the UK’s big banks will be forced to show startups their most precious data. But is Open Banking too revolutionary for its own good? Read More:

Marvelstone pushes into AI with world’s largest AI hub in Singapore

Marvelstone Group, the company behind the world's largest Fintech hub - LATTICE80, is getting into Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a big way. Read more:

Microsoft, AWS partner to democratise machine learning

Microsoft and AWS have teamed up to launch open-source, deep learning library called Gluon which will make machine learning more accessible, Read more:

Deutsche Bank, IBM Watson work on Germanic AI ambitions

Wunderbar! Deutsche Bank has completed internal proofs of concepts (PoCs) with IBM for the deployment of an artificial intelligence (AI) powered Watson, Read more:

MioTech closes $7m Series A round led by Horizons Ventures

Financial institutional AI platform MioTech has closed a $7m Series A funding round led by Horizons Ventures. Read more: