Saturday, March 24, 2018

Accenture thinks the US can still be a Blockchain innovator

Accenture Global Blockchain lead David Treat says the company wants to "work across the entire digital identity landscape" - government included. Read more:

UK government launches crypto ‘task force’

The U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, will reveal a "crypto assets task force" Thursday. It will tackle the tech's risks and benefits. Read more:

SGVC raises up to $21m for its third investment fund

Californian venture firm SGVC has raised up to $21m for its third investment vehicle. Read more:

Britain’s FinTech firms are expecting growth to rocket

UK fintech firms expect higher than average growth over the next few years as London remains a top destination for business. Read more:

3 big problems Ripple investors can no longer ignore

While Ripple is “not a bad investment” right now, major challenges exist when it comes to long-term prospects for its bank-oriented digital token (XRP), according to Weiss Ratings. Read more:

New smart digital economy

Smart contracts already play an important role in the new digital economy. Smart algorithms aim to perform transactions without human help, and reduce costs. Read more:

Royal Bank of Canada opens API developer portal

Royal Bank of Canada has opened an API portal to encourage the development of new products by third parties using the bank's data. Read more:

FinTech vulnerable to corruption, warns senior British judge

Digital advances have potential to make ‘frauds of yesteryear look modest. Read more:

Indonesian blockchain association launches, regulation push

It is listed as a member of The Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN Indonesia), and is currently opening an application for membership. Read more:

Crypto freeloaders? The strong case for higher fees

While many think crypto transaction fees should be pushed lower, these researchers believe users could be paying more. Read more: