Friday, August 23, 2019

Keplertek: Gearing up for extra sale

Do you have at least 0.2 Ethereum in the cryptocurrency wallet of your choice? If the answer is no, you have some preparation to do. Read more:

Revolutionary cryptocurrency payment service platform SoPay launches crowdfunding sale on the...

oPay, a project aiming to develop a fast, private and easy-to-use digital currency payment platform, announced its much anticipated token sale will start

CryptoStrip, Inc. intends to dominate crypto markets with world’s first universal...

Launching one of the very first Security Token Offerings (STO) - with a twist

CrowdIF launches ICO backed by first of its kind Crypto trading...

As more and more people realize the immense potential held by blockchain and cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency trading has also risen in popularity

LATIUM launches revolutionary new platform for the gig economy and instantly...

Latium is a tasking platform which enables employers to create tasks in which a potential employee can complete for payment.

PR: Gigtricks’ GBTC token sale is launched with a bang!

Gigtricks – a 360-degree on-demand ecosystem with zero$ customer acquisition model is moving forward swiftly with its token sale and the 50% discount activation date has been unravelled. Read more:

World’s First Blockchain Powered Crypto Ad Network Launches on Heels of...

The launch is perfectly timed with Google’s crypto ad ban which takes effect June 1st.

Keplertek’s pre-sale is now live!

Every investment in Keplertek is one small step for man, today, and one giant leap for mankind, tomorrow. Yes, this is a chance to accelerate and usher in a revolutionary future Read more:

Headphones maker Monster is planning $300, ICO

A longstanding company in the consumer products business wants to fund its own distribution service with a giant ICO, hoping to lure peers to join it. Read more:

HUMENA™ Launches Revolutionary ICO Backed By Unified Crypto Ecosystem That Will...

The time is fast approaching for the launch of the most highly anticipated ICO of 2018. HUMENA Club introduces the HUMENA platform to promote synchronous meditation, prayer, and entertainment to amplify human performance and promote mental & physical wellness.