Saturday, February 24, 2018

Venezuela claims $735m raised in first cryptocurrency sale

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro claimed Tuesday that a presale for the country's national cryptocurrency netted $735 million on its first day. Read more:

Fabric Token raises over $1m in less than a day

Fabric Token (FT), a new token developed on Ethereum, aims to provide a way for anyone to create and deploy their very own smart contracts or decentralized applications. Read more:

XinFin ICO enters second week, announces partnerships

XinFin’s Hybrid Blockchain ICO was announced last week after launching MVPs and ongoing pilot projects with several institutions. Read more:

Safex will list token on Plaak exchange.

PLAAK is expected to be listing the SAFEX coin on the PLAAK wallet exchange platform, which should provide confidence within the crypto community that PLAAK is here for the long term. Read more:

Telegram raises $850m for TON blockchain development

In the pre-sale round including venture investors, Telegram managed to raise a whopping $850 million, over its initial target of $600 million. Read more:

ValueCash Launches ICO Backed By Decentralized & Self-Governing Blockchain That Allows...

Many credit card companies offer the moon to consumers such as free gifts or reward spending programs, but those perks seemed to be missing in the world of Cryptocurrency, that is, until now.

The TokenHome ICO is About to Launch – Changing The Worldwide...

The ICO TokenHome is a real-estate development for the purchase and rental of tourist units in the province of Malaga, Spain.

AgroTechFarm will launch pre-ICO in less than 24 Hours

ATF is the first token that allows the blockchain community to have easy access to advanced technologies in automated agro cultivation equipment manufacturing. Read more:

CoinMetro closes pre-ICO a week early, ending on $7m

CoinMetro closed its pre-ICO on €7m after contributions from 5,000 participants. Read more:

Red Lanterns launches pre-ICO on Valentine’s Day

Red Lanterns, the blockchain-based sex education and sexual consent platform, has announced the launch of it's pre-ICO. Read more: