Satispay raises €10m in new funding round which is targeting €15m

Satispay, a mobile payments service, has collected €10m for a new funding round which is being raised at a pre-money valuation of €100m. Read more:

Why Fintech may be the future of ridehailing for Grab, Uber

Grab, the Southeast Asian ride-hailing firm that recently merged with Uber, thinks finance could be a 20 times bigger opportunity than cars. Read more:

Russi-based TCS acquires stake in

Russia-based TCS Group Holdings has acquired a stake in, a ticket sales company. Read more:

Worldpay forms partnership with Mastercard to boost digital payments security

Global payments platform Worldpay has formed a partnership with Mastercard to help establish a new payment standard with ‘Pay by Bank’ app. Read more:

An 83-year-old startup powering travel payments

Say hello to the payments industry’s 83-year-old startup. That would be UATP (Universal Air Travel Plan), the oldest payment scheme in the world. Read more:

American Express thinks blockchains could prove payments

Credit card giant American Express may be looking into developing a new proof-of-payment (PoP) system based on blockchain technology. Read more:

Venmo follows Apple Pay with Uber integration

PayPal-owned Venmo today announced it inked a partnership with Uber that lets its users pay the ride share company through their Venmo accounts. Read more:

Glint looks to raise £15m for its Series A, including a...

Global currency, account and app Glint aims to raise £15m in its Series A round, which will also have a portion raised through crowdfunding. Read more:

Thinking about B2B payments as an interaction– not a transaction

There is a better way for banks to help corporations and businesses, including SMEs, to make money. Read more:

Handelsbanken trials micro contactless cards

Nordic bank Handelsbanken is entering the wearable payments market, trialling a micro contactless card that can be put into a wristband, bracelet, watch strap or keyring. Read more: