Thursday, May 25, 2017

Indiegogo founder Slava Rubin talks equity crowdfunding

Indiegogo was originally envisioned as a vehicle to sell securities in small companies to the masses. Read more:

Startup loses potential backers in crowdfunding disaster

British tech firms received a stark warning about the dangers of relying on crowdfunding. Read more:

CCRManager launches platform for supply chain & working capital

CCRManager, a FinTech company based in Singapore, has launched an online platform for the distribution of trade finance, supply chain finance and working capital assets. Read more:

Dubai startup Invoice Bazaar nabs funding from former Citi boss

Dubai-based supply chain financing startup Invoice Bazaar has secured new funding from former Citigroup Asia-Pacific CEO Shirish Apte. Read more:

Crowdfunding platform Seedrs to launch secondary market

Seedrs, the UK-based equity crowdfunding platform that lets anybody invest in startups, is announcing plans to launch a secondary market. Read more:

Regulation crowdfunding: What We See Day to Day

The new avenues of fundraising enabled by The JOBS Act will forever change the landscape of small business capital formation. Read more:

Crowdfunding in the Netherlands grows by 33%

In 2016 a total of €170 million was raised through crowdfunding in the Netherlands. This sets a new all-time high for the crowdfunding market. Read more:

The OCC FinTech charter is a key first step

The technology transforming the financial sector is creating a historic opportunity to make financial services better and more accessible for all Americans. Read more:

FundersClub says it’s beating pros

FundersClub Inc., says it's beating the pros. Its returns outpaced the median venture capital fund and much of the industry's top quartile of investors. Read more:

Asian B2B FinTechs raise top VC

B2B FinTechs across Asia secure the most venture capital for their solutions in eProcurement, logistics and SaaS. Read more: