Friday, December 14, 2018
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Tag: Advisory

OpenInvest has received $10.4m in its Series A funding

OpenInvest, a digital investment advisor for socially responsible investing, has received $10.4m in its Series A funding led by QED Investors. Read more:

Risk Focus introduces regulatory reporting advisory service

Risk Focus Inc., the leading provider of Trading and Risk Solutions, today announced their new Regulatory Reporting Advisory (RRA). Read more:

Wells Fargo combines tech and humans for investment account

Wells Fargo is blending robo-advisor technology with the human touch for a new investment advisory account dubbed Intuitive Investor. Read More:

True Link Financial scores $8m in Series A led by QED

California-based True Link Financial has scored $8m in its Series A equity round led by QED Investors. :

AI is augmenting Morgan Stanley’s advisers — not replacing them

Convinced that clients crave human interaction, the Wall Street firm is using machine learning to help its financial advisers stay informed and work efficiently. Read more: