Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Tag: AI

Kellify secured $1.73m in funding from Italian investors

Italy-based Kellify, an AI data analytics platform, has secured $1.73m in its early venture funding round. Read more:

Glasswing collects $112m for US East Coast’s ‘largest AI-focused fund’

Glasswing Ventures has raised $112m for the close of its debut VC fund, making it the largest AI-focused vehicle on the US East Coast according to the firm. Read more:

Can blockchain and AI make ads work for you?

The NOIZ Network combines blockchain and AI together to make advertising more appealing to both businesses and consumers. Read more:

Intelligent Trading Foundation uses AI for cryptocurrency trades

The explosive growth of cryptocurrencies over the past two years has resulted in significant opportunities for traders. Read more:

IBM, Banca Carige partner to launch $500m venture to back technology

IBM and Italian bank Banca Carige have launched a $500m joint venture to support technology growth and create the ‘new generation of bank’. Read more:

Balbix brings in $20m to predict cyber attacks

Balbix, a San Jose, California-based company using AI to prevent high-profile cybersecurity disasters, has raised $20m. Read More:

The case for blockchain-backed AI aapabilities

This might be an interesting way to earn some digital income: Become a part of Skynet and help spread the gift of artificial intelligence (AI) Read more:

3 traits of digital-forward banks

"Customers are disillusioned with traditional banks, but they still have one key advantage over FinTechs," says Paul Thomas, Managing Director of Provenir, Read more:

How can banks put AI to work?

What is AI and how can financial services companies leverage it to their advantage? Simply put, AI – or artificial intelligence – Read more:

Arkera wants to fix the way investors discover new opportunities

Large institutions have to adopt AI technology in order to scale while remaining user centric, according to Arkera co-CEO Vinit Sahni, in a research interview with FinTech Global. Read more: