Saturday, March 23, 2019
Tags Alternative Lending

Tag: Alternative Lending

3 alternative lending startups to watch

Large banks, e-commerce moguls like Amazon and eBay and tech firms are likely to enter the alternative lending space, and soon, according to Eden Amirav, Read more:

AI, Alt Lending lead B2B FinTech investments

Alternative lending and artificial intelligence startups lead the B2B FinTech investment activity of the week, with other firms operating in logistics, blockchain and T&E. Read more:

Is alternative lending a perishable FinTech segment?

Despite competitive propositions, it is likely that banks will eventually drive this particular FinTech segment out of business. Read more:

Protecting SME privacy as credit assessments grow complex

Borrowers may want the innovation, technology and speed of an alternative lending platform but will demand the trust of a big, familiar name in banking. Read more: