Saturday, November 18, 2017
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FinTech investments in India are growing rapidly as investor’s appetite for...

The first three quarters of 2017 saw Indian FinTech companies receive $6.6bn worth of funding. Read more:

Over half of all RegTech companies address AML or KYC regulation

The Global RegTech Review released by FinTech Global highlights increased investments in AML and KYC solutions. Read more:

Hong Kong’s FinTech funding landscape is dominated by a small number...

In the first half of 2017, 87% of the total investment in Hong Kong FinTech companies went to one large deal Read more:

FinTech investors’ appetite for late-stage deals increased in Q2 2017

The share of global FinTech investments valued under $1m has halved in the last 5 quarters. Read more:

FinTech Investments in Latin America made a strong start in 2017...

The first half of 2017 has seen the number of deals to FinTech companies in Latin America rocket with 63 deals already closed Read more:

WealthTech companies received a record number of deals in Q2 2017

The WealthTech sector saw $541m-worth of funding across 116 investments in the second quarter of the year Read more:

Thomson Reuters launches startup incubator

Thomson Reuters is opening an incubator in Switzerland, giving startups working in various areas such as big data, analytics and AI. Read more:

Global InsurTech investments reached record levels in Q2 2017, with London...

InsurTech companies raised over $800m-worth of funding in the second quarter of the year across 34 deals Read more:

FinTech Investments in Canada recovered in Q2 2017 after a disappointing...

Total FinTech Investment in Canada saw a 73% increase, from $44m in Q1 to $76.2m in Q2 2017 Read more: