Saturday, February 24, 2018
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To counter ATM fraud, banks need to deal with tech debt

EXCLUSIVE— While banks are making strides to improve their cybersecurity, it might be time to give the security on their physical devices, such as ATMs, Read more:

Allpoint installs ATMs at Walgreens locations across the US

Allpoint, the largest surcharge-free ATM network with 55,000 ATMs worldwide, today announced Allpoint ATMs are now available at nearly 7,000 Walgreen, Read more:

Cointed Bitcoin ATMs Unleashed

When it comes to this provider, bitcoin ATM is a misleading term. Cointed’s ATMs can support any currency the client wants listed on their exchange. Read more:

NCR overhauls ATM network at BankDhofar

Two headlines from NCR Corporation reflect the breadth of the company’s work with financial institutions and underbanked populations around the world, Read more:

Austrian startup makes lightning transaction on Bitcoin ATM

An Austria-based cryptocurrency startup has completed what it believes to be the first Bitcoin ATM transaction made using the Lightning Network (LN). Read more:

Coinsource seeks global Bitcoin ATM expansion

Coinsource, a Bitcoin ATM network, has unveiled a new in-house software stack that will significantly improve the user experience at each of their nearly, Read more:

What might 2018 bring for the ATM channel?

The future role of the ATM as a self-service channel is continually debated, with many expert Read more:

Yes Bank, Nearby Tech bring cardless ATM services to India

Yes Bank has teamed with FinTech start-up Nearby Technologies to provide Aadhaar cardless and pinless ATM services in India. Read more:

Monzo sets 3% charge on international ATMs withdrawals

This week UK digital challenger bank Monzo announced it was introducing a 3% charge on cash withdrawals made for international ATMs, after a free 30-day, Read more:

NCR to roll out bitcoin-enabled ATMs in the UAE

NCR has teamed up with UAE cryptocurrency exchange CoinHub to enable users to make cash withdrawals from their bitcoin accounts at the ATM. Read more: