Monday, October 15, 2018
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Tag: Banks

Australia’s big banks slammed for greed and dishonesty

The big four banks Down Under have come under fire by the Royal Commission for their greed, lack of honesty and misconduct. Read more:

Digital banking engagement: where are the metrics?

As banks are busy digitalizing every corner of their firms to prepare for the Read more:

Goldman Sachs hasn’t dropped crypto trading desk plans

Goldman Sachs hasn’t dropped plans to open a desk for trading cryptocurrencies. Read more:

Risk-based authentication: How to secure e-commerce payments

In 2018, banks and retailers are dealing with a new breed of customer: one that expects a fast, seamless online payment experience. Read more:

NovoPayment EVP on payments in Latin America

Banks have evolved beyond the teller, beyond the branch, beyond the face-to-face that comes with the traditional financial services model. Read more:

Venezuela’s president orders banks adopt the new crypto

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered banks to adopt the Petro, the Maduro government-launched cryptocurrency, as a unit of account and use this Read more:

Apiax launches new tax solution

Apiax has launched a new product to allow banks and asset managers to factor the tax impact of financial instruments into their investment recommendations. Read More:

Banks are just beginning to understand AI

Citi Ventures's recent investment in Anaconda, an Austin, Texas-based AI and machine learning (ML) software company, Read more:

Lenders bet on AI for credit scoring

Banks have to struggle with a lot of challenges – from issuing credit to operational risks Read more:

AI and machine learning helping banks

Mindtree, a global technology services and digital transformation company, guiding its clients to achieve faster business outcomes, is using artificial intelligence Read more: