Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Data strategy for driving growth of financial institutions

Bank assets are all tangible and intangible resources which are owned or controlled by a bank Read more: www.finextra.com

To Lure tech talent, FinTechs relocate, pull out wallets and dangle...

Established FinTechs, startups, banks and tech giants alike are pulling out all the stops to attract and retain the same pool of tech talent. Read more: bankinnovation.net

Bankers, let’s get real: here’s the question you need to answer...

Let me ask you a question: How do you think your customers view your bank? As a group of individual channels? Or as a single brand, made up of touchpoints Read more: www.bankingtech.com

Australian Reg: Banks need more competition

Australia’s competition regulator is going after the banking industry in the country, vowing to punish what it claims is misconduct, reported The Financial Times. Read more: www.pymnts.com

Most banks will be made irrelevant by 2030 – Gartner

Within 12 years time, 80% of financial firms will either go out of business or be rendered irrelevant by new competition, changing customer behaviour Read more: www.finextra.com

Scaled Risk raises €3m for reporting & analytics offering

Scaled Risk, a Paris, France-based provider of reporting & analytics for banks & asset managers, has raised €3m. Read More: regtechanalyst.com

Australia’s big banks slammed for greed and dishonesty

The big four banks Down Under have come under fire by the Royal Commission for their greed, lack of honesty and misconduct. Read more: www.bankingtech.com

Digital banking engagement: where are the metrics?

As banks are busy digitalizing every corner of their firms to prepare for the Read more: www.finextra.com

Goldman Sachs hasn’t dropped crypto trading desk plans

Goldman Sachs hasn’t dropped plans to open a desk for trading cryptocurrencies. Read more: www.bankingtech.com

Risk-based authentication: How to secure e-commerce payments

In 2018, banks and retailers are dealing with a new breed of customer: one that expects a fast, seamless online payment experience. Read more: www.paymentscardsandmobile.com