Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Tag: Banks

With realtime payments comes realtime fraud

EXCLUSIVE—As banks begin to implement faster payment networks, they have to be ready to react to new cases of fraud in higher numbers, Genevieve Gimbert, head, Read more:

Ripple partners with Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority

Blockchain-based payments solution Ripple has formed an agreement with Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority to support the use of xCurrent. Read more:

South African president steps down as banks favour Blockchain

South African president resigns under cloud of financial scandal that involved several banks. Read more:

Three ways banking industry can hold off challenger banks

The banking industry is being disrupted by innovation through digital technology, new regulation and increased competition. Read more:

For payments, banks should use tech as a ‘bridge’

EXCLUSIVE— Banks are juggling a lot of change when it comes to the world of payments, but in order to be successful, banks should avoid getting bogged down in, Read more:

Banks and FinTechs – friends or foes?

FinTech companies – technology firms focused on innovation to financial products and services – are often painted as competitors to traditional, Read more:

Zelle’s growth figures show importance of bank partnerships

EXCLUSIVE— Since opening its service to banks, launching its standalone app, and expanding its partnerships in the financial services ecosystem, P2P service, Read more:

Banks, FinTechs consider themselves partners in disruption

A new survey launched today by ING Bank and Illuminate Financial has found that fintechs and banks believe they are partners in disrupting Read more:

Bank regulation delays frustrate FinTechs in UK

News: FinTechs in Britain are expressing frustration over delays from nine major financial institutions to comply with new customer data sharing banking regulations. Read more:

Why banks need to partner up or get left behind

Why is it so important for banks to take advantage of the many opportunities to partner up with FinTechs?Read more: