Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Tag: Barclaycard

Barclaycard could be next to ban cryptocurrency purchase

EXCLUSIVE - Barclays U.S. or Barclaycard is looking to join Bank of America, Citi and Chase in banning cryptocurrency purchases on its Barclaycard, Bank, Read more:

Barclays in Flux for instant digital receipts 

Barclays is trialing itemized digital receipts to its customers via a partnership with start-up Flux, a rewards and receipt platform. Read More:<

Timex’s watch collection includes contactless payment straps

Barclaycard's various bPay accessories give previously inert objects the ability to make contactless payments, regardless of where you bank. Read more:

Timex, Barclaycard collaborate to create contactless payment watch

Timex and Barclaycard have partnered in true style to produce a new range of contactless payment watches. Read more:

UK hits 10 year contactless payments milestone

Barclaycard, the global payments company, today marks the 10-year anniversary of launching contactless payments to the UK. Read more:

Barclaycard International hires former Citi digital payments exec

Barclays has appointed Citi digital payments exec Barry Rodrigues chief executive officer of its Barclaycard International unit. Read more:

Britain to go cashless in 2043?

Britain will be cashless by 2043, according to an online casino. Read more:

Barclaycard to work with merchants to accept VocaLink

Barclaycard is partnering with VocaLink to enable its U.K. merchants to accept mobile payments through the Pay by Bank app. Read more:

Visa and Barclaycard kit out Team BG with payment wearables

For the Rio Olympics, Visa and Barclaycard are working together to provide all 366 British athletes with wearable payments bands.