Friday, August 23, 2019
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Tag: Biometric

Bank of Montreal introduces biometric mobile authentication

Bank of Montreal (BMO) has partnered with BioConnect to bring biometric mobile authentication to its clients.

Societe Generale begins testing biometric cards

Societe Generale has become the first bank in France to experiment the use of biometric cards to expand contactless capabilities across the country. Read More:

FinTech taps Daon’s biometric identity technology

Innovation Finance, a FinTech company specialising in equipment financing, is set to deploy Daon’s biometric identity technology. Read More:

Safetrade Africa taps Ipsidy’s identity and authentication solutions

Safetrade Africa, a technology development company specialising in payment processing in secure environments, has tapped Ipsidy’s biometric identity and authentication solutions. Read More:

Veridium raises $16.5m for biometric authentication platform

Veridium, a biometric identity startup, has closed its Series B funding round on $16.5m. Read More:

Nordea uses biometrics to protect consumer data

Norwegian bank, Nordea is replacing token passwords with biometric authentication for its employees dealing with confidential customer data. Read more:

Visa pilots new biometric payment card

Visa has initiated pilots with Mountain America Credit Union and Bank of Cyprus of a new EMV dual-interface (chip- and contactless-enabled) payment card. Read more:

Consumers ready to say goodbye to passwords

A new Visa survey of 1,000 Americans exploring awareness and perceptions of biometric authentication confirms that consumers continue to have a, Read more:

Deloitte: passwords about to become a thing of the past 

New research from Deloitte has pointed the finger at biometrics for one of the big trends of 2018 as we start to forget our passwords. Read More:

Fujitsu and Sensory are the face of biometrics for Mizuho

Fujitsu has teamed with Silicon Valley-based Sensory to provide face biometric authentication for Mizuho’s mobile banking. Read More: