Wednesday, July 18, 2018
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Tag: Bitcoin

Questions still surround the digital currency bitcoin

Questions still surround bitcoin. Read more:

Gang uses bitcoin to launder millions of dollars

Brazil’s Federal Police has recently arrested 12 individuals connected to a gang that allegedly used bitcoin to launder “millions of dollars. Read more:

Bitcoin struggles for gains as volume hits 36-week low

Low trading volume is complicating bitcoin price recovery. Read more:

Chilean court orders bank to re-open bitcoin exchange account

A Chilean court has ruled that state-owned Banco Estado has to re-open the account of bitcoin exchange Orionx, after it seemingly illegally shut it down. Read more:

Yearly ROI on largest cryptocurrency still tops 150%

Bitcoin prices may be trailing around $6000, but investors in the space for longer than a year can still celebrate a 150 percent return on investment. Read more:

Blockonomics made emailing bitcoin easy

You might be familiar with Blockonomics. If you’ve ever needed to double-check a Bitcoin transaction, chances are you used BlockExplorer. Read more:

Bitcoin ownership rising throughout Canada

Canada has seen an increase in its bitcoin ownership rate. Usage trends have also shifted, with most now holding for investment purposes. Read more:

Bitcoin price defends $6K as upside potential builds

A charting pattern suggests the bitcoin price might be able to successfully defend $6,000, despite a tug-of-wars between bulls and bears of late. Read more:

Bitcoin will end up in one of three ways, predicts expert

Bitcoin continues to be a major topic of discussion within the global business industry. Bloomberg's Noah Smith believes that the future of bitcoin has three possible outcomes. Read more:

Coinbase app loses popularity during bitcoin bear cycle

The largest cryptocurrency brokerage and wallet has been freefalling in popularity ever since Bitcoin became old news. Read more: