Sunday, January 20, 2019
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Tag: Bitcoin

You can now buy Bitcoin at some grocery stores in the...

Supermarket kiosk chain Coinstar will allow consumers to buy up to $2,500 in bitcoin at select grocery stores. Read more:

LedgerX rolls out new index to help investors track Bitcoin price...

Crypto asset manager LedgerX has announced the launch of its Bitcoin volatility index known as the LedgerX Volatility Index (LXVX). Read more:

Bitcoin will still bite the dust

Economic professor Kevin Dowd argues that bitcoin is like the Ford Model T and, while innovative, cannot survive in the long term. Read more:

Why NEO co-founder Erik Zhang says Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin

NEO Co-founder and Core Developer Erik Zhang could care less about price, he was also oblivious to the BTC hard fork. What have he (and his cat) been doing? Read more:

Japan regulators deny they’re considering approving Bitcoin ETF

Regulators from the Japanese Financial Services Agency today told Cointelegraph Japan that, contrary to information provided by an anonymous source to Bloomberg, Read more:

Bullish sentiment for Bitcoin is at a 5-month high

The difference between long and short positions placed on bitcoin is at its highest level since Aug. 5. Read more:

Israel National Economic Council Chair: BTC ‘Intrinsically inefficient, will disappear’

The head of Israel’s National Economic Council has denounced Bitcoin as “intrinsically inefficient,” predicting it will disappear. Read more:

Africa needs open currency competition. It needs cryptocurrency

Africa's various currency crises illustrate why cryptocurrency innovation shouldn't be stifled, says economic analyst Terence Zimwara. Read more:

Hong Kong crypto exchange to offer Bitcoin futures with 20x leverage

Hong Kong-based crypto exchange Coin Futures and Lending Exchange (CoinFLEX) has announced that it will be providing futures contracts for Read more:

Several exchanges said to be “failing” Bitcoin ownership event

HitBTC are apparently not the only ones who are “failing” the Proof of Keys event today. The event is intended to prove the Bitoin solvency of each exchange. Read more: