Monday, December 10, 2018
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Tag: Brexit

Revolut looks to mitigate Brexit with Lux licence

London-based digital payments company Revolut is applying for a licence in Luxembourg in order to mitigate any fallout from Brexit. Read more:

No Brexit could prompt no payments from UK

Britain could potentially withhold some payments to the European Union if a deal to help the country leave Brexit doesn’t happen before next year. Read more:

WorldFirst: UK SMEs Still Positive After All the Brexit Fears

UK SMEs determined to move forward whether they are part of the EU or not. Read more:

Potential to NZ fintech exports huge

The potential for New Zealand tech exports will be huge when direct free trade post-Brexit opens with the United Kingdom, a leading fintech expert says. Read more:

Technology is the answer to the frictionless trade proble

The ongoing debate about the nature of Britain’s relationship with the EU post-Brexit is a many-headed and complicated beast. Read more:

ECB & BoE to convene technical working group on risk management

The European Central Bank and the Bank of England are will bring together a working group on Brexit-related risks. Read More:

FinTech industry is ‘flourishing’ despite the looming threat of Brexit

New analysis carried out by Joblift over the past 12 months found that the sector is growing monthly at a rate of nearly 10 percent. Read more:

Threat to FinTech industry, young coders shun London over Brexit

Sector to open new offices in the EU to help pursue and keep talent. Read more:

Blockchain can help UK ‘stay relevant’ after Brexit,

British MEP Kay Swinburne has called on the U.K. to implement and champion blockchain technology as the country moves to leave the EU. Read more:

UK FinTech investments hit record year despite Brexit uncertainties

UK FinTech companies raised £3.07bn in 2017, more than the total of the previous three years combined. Read more: