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Marketplace banking may be the panacea for challenger banks

Following the recent announcements of Monzo, Starling and TSB that they are launching a marketplace offering, marketplace banking is a hot topic, Read more: www.consultancy.uk

Three ways banking industry can hold off challenger banks

The banking industry is being disrupted by innovation through digital technology, new regulation and increased competition. Read more: www.consultancy.uk

The future of banking is in specialism, not an all in...

The future for challenger banks is through specialism, not becoming a ‘one-stop shop’ for everything, according to OakNorth deputy CEO Graham Olive, Read more: fintech.global

Nordea Bank’s open banking API pilot goes live

NNordea Bank has made its Open Banking API pilot live today, opening its customers dataset to a select few customers in Finland. Read more: bankinnovation.net

Really breaking banks

Open banking is a revolution, says Dave Birch, and all we can say for sure is that there is going to be change. Who might the winners and losers be? Read more: banknxt.com

Monzo announces Pots savings feature 

Challenger bank Monzo announced the launch of its new feature Pots, which allows users to set funds aside in their Monzo bank accounts Read more: www.venturecanvas.com

The US banking industry needs more competition, not less

Acting Comptroller of the Currency Keith Noreika delivered a speech today discussing the US banking industry. In the speech, Noreika makes an import, Read more: www.crowdfundinsider.com

Challenger bank BFC edges towards 2018 launch

BFC Bank, a subsidiary of the Bahrain Financing Company money transfer group, has completed its mobilisation process and is preparing for a launch in early 2018. Read more:http://www.bankingtech.com

Why FinTech startups think they can beat the banks

FinTech startups are exploiting weaknesses, but large banks are adapting as fast as they can. The fight for the future of banking is on. Read more: banknxt.com

Why FinTech firms are leaving conventional banks for dust

Traditional banks are so slow to change that they risk being left behind by the nimble FinTechs that are creating a parallel financial ecosystem. Read more: www.thebanker.com