Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Tag: Challenger Banks

The US banking industry needs more competition, not less

Acting Comptroller of the Currency Keith Noreika delivered a speech today discussing the US banking industry. In the speech, Noreika makes an import, Read more:

Challenger bank BFC edges towards 2018 launch

BFC Bank, a subsidiary of the Bahrain Financing Company money transfer group, has completed its mobilisation process and is preparing for a launch in early 2018. Read more:

Why FinTech startups think they can beat the banks

FinTech startups are exploiting weaknesses, but large banks are adapting as fast as they can. The fight for the future of banking is on. Read more:

Why FinTech firms are leaving conventional banks for dust

Traditional banks are so slow to change that they risk being left behind by the nimble FinTechs that are creating a parallel financial ecosystem. Read more:

Four fascinating facts about challenger bank users

So you think you know challenger bank users? Devie Mohan shares some interesting facts about challenger bank users that may surprise you. Read more:

Monzo still on track for 500K accounts, despite losses

Scaling a challenger bank is, well, a challenge, but Monzo is up for the task. Read more:

Card payments problems bring down the FinTech house

A whole swathe of FinTech firms and challenger banks have been hit by tech issues – with card payments failing. Read more:

Atom bank postpones current-account launch

Atom, the UK’s first app-based bank, has delayed plans to launch a current account until at least 2018. Read more:

OakNorth completes largest-ever deal to fund luxury hotel

Challenger bank OakNorth has completed its largest-ever deal, a £21m loan for the development of a new luxury hotel in central London. Read more:

Tandem drops ‘Bank’ from its name

Tandem appears to be pivoting from its original mission to launch a new app-driven saving bank in the UK. Read more: