Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Tag: Chatbots

Facebook taps banks for chatbots, not purchase data like Google

Facebook spokesperson tells TechCrunch it’s not asking for credit card transaction data from banks. Read more:

Plum integrates chatbot solution with Monzo, Starling Bank through Open Banking

Personal finance chatbot company Plum announces support for challenger banks Monzo and Starling Bank, through the use of Open Banking. Read more:

Chatbots to save banks $11 billion in costs by 2023

Bank of America has Erica, Capital One has Eno, Bank of Montreal has Bolt. Safe to say that most major banks are at least exploring the possibility of a virtual assistant. Read more:

The chatbot revolution: When, not if

Guestfriend Founder Bo Peabody says the age of chatbots is coming, and it's only a matter of time before businesses see them as mission critical, just Read more:

How ‘computer vision’ may change banking

Chatbots are great for personal interactions with banks, but the camera may soon provide an even more powerful tool for gauging customer sentiment. Read more:

Chatbots provide hope for easy to understand consent, post GDPR!

We are all being inundated with requests for consent to continue using services as the GDPR Read more:

Chatbots provide the means to go beyond legacy constraints

After so much innovation and disruptive technologies, the issues surrounding legacy systems Read more:

How banks are leveraging chatbots for customer service

We’ve been hearing a lot of talk about chatbots lately. Some of these conversations are about the ways that companies are having success with chatbots, Read more:

Why chatbots are future of health insurance

People have always had mixed feelings about digital assistants, ever since the paperclip known as Clippy debuted Read more:

This is how financial services chatbots are going to evolve

Today’s primitive question-and-answer programs will mature into sophisticated conversational agents. Read more: