Saturday, October 21, 2017
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Tag: China

Alibaba’s $15bn research investment to include FinTech

Chinese e-commerce titan Alibaba announced today that it plans to invest more than $15 billion over the next three years in a global research and development. Read More:

FinTech financing services provider Vision Credit closes Series C round

Vision Credit, a Chinese consumer finance provider, has closed an undisclosed Series C investment round.

China likely to license cryptocurrency exchanges

The People’s Republic of China will likely re-legalize cryptocurrency trading, ending its nation-wide ban on crypto exchanges from early September, Read more:

China-based Tongdun Technology raises $72.8m Series C

Risk control and data analytics service provider Tongdun Technology has raised $72.8m Series C round. Read more:

Chinese microlending FinTech may make Min Luo a billionaire

With a net worth of at least $1.2 billion, Min Luo may be the latest Chinese billionaire to have amassed his wealth from within the FinTech industry, Read more:<

Chinese investors: The government doesn’t get bitcoin

Throughout the past month, traders and investors in China have criticized the Chinese government's sudden crackdown on local cryptocurrency exchanges, Read more:

Japan On Track to Become Bitcoin Market Leader

After China and Korea banned ICOs experts believe that Japan will become the leader of Bitcoin markets. Read more:

Despite Korean ‘ban’, Bithumb adds Zcash

Korea is taking the Chinese approach to new ICOs, however, those already established are being further legitimized as Zcash is added to Bithumb. Read more:

Chinese meddling with bitcoin likely to trigger “Cobra Effect”

The Chinese action of banning ICOs and shutting down cryptocurrency exchanges may be with the intention of preventing ordinary Chinese citizens from, Read more:

OKEx responds to bitcoin theft, says exchange is safe

The news about OKEx accounts being attacked has spread quickly in the last 48 hours and caused heated discussions in China. Read more: