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Citigroup shifts in hyper-digital South Korea

Going to the bank is becoming passe in hyper-digital South Korea. Citigroup is responding by betting on giving investment advice to the growing number of the wealthy. Read more: www.bloomberg.com

Citigroup forms consortium on FinTech cybersecurity

Four financial companies including Citigroup and online lender Kabbage have formed a consortium to address fintech firms’ cybersecurity risks. Read more: www.wsj.com

Consortium looks to improve FinTech cybersecruity

Citigroup and online lender Kabbage are part of a consortium which is aiming to improve the cybersecurity of FinTech companies. Read More: fintech.global

AI software startup Behavox raises new funding

Behavox, a London-based AI software company, has reportedly raised funding from Citigroup and Index Ventures. Read more: fintech.global

Citi’s problem with late card payments lingers

Citigroup’s struggles with collections on certain types of retail credit card accounts have persisted in the third quarter, but it hopes to contain chargeoffs. Read more: www.americanbanker.com

INV FinTech partners with venture fund JadeValue

INV FinTech, this site's sister accelerator, announced a partnership today with Shanghai-based JadeValue, an incubator and investment fund. Read more: bankinnovation.net

Citigroup to tap Nasdaq for blockchain payment technology

Citigroup and Nasdaq are partnering to match up the blockchain with real money. Read more: www.wsj.com

Dubai startup Invoice Bazaar nabs funding from former Citi boss

Dubai-based supply chain financing startup Invoice Bazaar has secured new funding from former Citigroup Asia-Pacific CEO Shirish Apte. Read more: www.fintechroundup.com

Digital money adoption would bring banking to 220 million

A spike in digital money usage would help narrow the amount of underbanked individuals across the globe, but many countries are slow to progress. Read more: bankinnovation.net

FinTech is dropping the ball when it comes to financial literacy

Americans face serious challenges because we're doing a lackluster job of managing our money. Read more: www.etftrends.com