Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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Tag: Coinbase

Valor Capital raises up to $56m for its second venture vehicle

Valor Capital, a firm focused on US and Brazil cross-border opportunities, has raised up to $56m for its second venture capital fund, which has a goal of $100m. Read more: fintech.global

Digital currency wallet Coinbase acquires Earn.com

Digital currency wallet Coinbase has acquired Earn.com, an app that lets users earn Bitcoin by replying to emails. Read more: fintech.global

Ripple exec says XRP is ‘absolutely not a security’

A top executive from the real-time gross settlement system, currency exchange, and remittance network has tried to set the record straight. Read more: bitcoinist.com

Coinbase introduces new tax calculator

Coinbase has added new tax features that simplify the often complex process of paying tax and come with a reminder that gains from digital currencies are taxable in the US. Read more: www.ccn.com

Coinbase receives e-money license from UK financial regulator

Coinbase has announced it has been granted an e-money license from the U.K.'s Financial Conduct Authority. Read more: www.coindesk.com

Multicoin Capital launches new crypto fund, targeting $250m

Multicoin Capital has launched a new cryptocurrency fund that will invest in blockchain-based tokens. Read more: fintech.global

Coinbase launches Index Fund to back digital assets

Digital currency wallet Coinbase has launched an Index Fund to help accredited investors back blockchain-based digital assets. Read more: fintech.global

Coinbase tells 13,000 users it’s sending their data to IRS

Coinbase is emailing thousands of customers informing them their data will be sent to the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, as per a 2017 court order. Read more: www.coindesk.com

Visa, Worldpay take blame for duplicate charges on coins

Visa and Worldpay issue joint statement taking responsibility for accidentally charging Coinbase customers multiple times, Read more: cointelegraph.com

UK crypto companies form trade body for self-regulation

Seven cryptocurrency companies have formed a UK cryptocurrency trade body, bringing the first self-regulation to the industry.   Read more: fintech.global