Sunday, January 20, 2019
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Tag: crypto exchanges

Binance and Kraken may be operating illegally in NY state

Three crypto exchanges namely, Binance, Kraken and Huobi, may be in violation of digital currency regulations in New York state. Read more:

Brazil moves to probe banks after crypto exchanges denied services

Brazil's antitrust watchdog is investigating major banks for potentially collaborating to prevent crypto brokerages from gaining banking services. Read more:

Canada launches draft of new cryptocurrency regulations focused on KYC/AML

The Canadian government has launched its official draft of new regulations on crypto exchanges and payment processors. Read More:

Canada keeping their eye on unauthorized exchanges

Ontario Securities Commission in Canada is in the process of investigating crypto exchanges to ensure that they are adhering to the country’s securities laws. Read more:

Japan’s FSA Suspends two crypto exchanges

Japan's Financial Services Agency is halting the operation of two domestic crypto exchanges while requiring six exchanges to report improvement plans. Read more:

Why do South Korean crypto exchanges only list a few tokens?

Many investors, especially traders outside of the South Korean cryptocurrency exchange market, remain curious as to why local cryptocurrency exchanges like Bithumb, Read more:

North Korea reportedly targeting South Korea’s bitcoin exchanges

Actors tied to the isolated nation have been involved in attacks on crypto exchanges in South Korea, a prominent U.S.cybersecurity firm said. Read more: