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Intelligent Trading Foundation uses AI for cryptocurrency trades

The explosive growth of cryptocurrencies over the past two years has resulted in significant opportunities for traders. Read more: ccn.com

Stasis launches Euro-pegged stable cryptocurrency

The Malta based crypto outfit Stasis have just launched their new digital currency project called EURS which is pegged at a 1:1 level against the Euro. Read more: ccn.com

Opera is testing a mobile browser with a built-in crypto wallet

The web browser Opera is looking to get ahead with changing times by launching its first full-featured browser with a built-in crypto wallet. Read more: coindesk.com

$42 million in crypto is now being airdropped to NEO investors

The second half of the Neo Council's airdrop of ONT tokens is finishing up. Now NEP-5 ONT holders need to migrate to Ontology's "mainnet". Read more: www.coindesk.com

Should more companies embrace blockchain technology?

A reverse ICO occurs when a pre-established company expands by launching an ICO via a token crowdsale to raise funds. Read more: e27.co

Crypto market cap adds $13 billion in six hours

The cryptocurrency market cap has risen from $263 billion to $276 billion in as little as six hours as bitcoin price leads the gains. Read more: www.ccn.com

The changing face of the venture capitalist

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have the potential to change the face of the venture capitalist. Read more: www.bankingtech.com

Crypto tribalism is holding back blockchain

A more united front among all who believe in blockchain tech's sweeping potential could help ensure a more constructive legal environment. Read more: www.coindesk.com

Nomura Bank announces crypto custody solution

Japan-based global investment bank Nomura has announced a joint venture to establish a custody offering for digital assets. Read more: cointelegraph.com

Cryptomathic updates platform for web security compliance

Cryptomathic has updated its crypto policy control center to deliver PCI-DSS, GDPR and PSD2 level security via web service integration. Read More: regtechanalyst.com