Friday, September 20, 2019
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Tag: Cryptocurency

Texas Securities Board Launches Second “Investigative Sweep” in Response to Recent...

Three parties accused of soliciting Texas investors with fraudulent cryptocurrency offerings have received emergency cease and desist orders as part of Texas’ “second regulatory sweep of cryptocurrency investment offerings.” Read more: crowdfundinsider

Sanctions-Hit Cuba Eyes Cryptocurrency as Solution to Financial Woes

Cuba has announced it is considering the use of cryptocurrency in order to bolster its finances amid U.S.-led sanctions. Read more: coindesk

Coinbase Says Interest in Crypto “Growing” in America

San Francisco-based crypto exchange Coinbase is tooting it’s sector’s hornRead more: crowdfundinsider

Samsung Really Wants Cryptocurrency Users to Ditch Their iPhones

It’s now no secret that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will support decentralized applications (DApps) in addition to its hardware-backed secure storage for cryptocurrencies. Read more:

New Monero Malware sees cryptojackers target Linux users

The modified Shellbot trojan is thought to have originated from a Romanian hacker collective. Read more :

Ethereum’s biggest enterprise group is releasing new software

Ethereum's biggest enterprise group is releasing new software specs. Read More:

Crypto regulations threatens UK’s ‘FinTech Hub’ status

Moves toward regulating the sector could have unintended consequences resulting in cryptocurrency exchanges leaving the United Kingdom. Read more: