Saturday, August 18, 2018
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Ripple drops 5% as Crypto market continues downward trend

The crypto market has lost $5 billion of its valuation overnight. Read more:

How important is the government’s new regulatory sandbox for crypto?

This week, the Treasury Department released a report addressing FinTech and financial innovation in the US. Read more:

Only a Matter of Time Before SEC Approves Bitcoin ETF

The SEC will likely approve a bitcoin ETF within the near to mid-term future, says prominent tech VC. Read more:

Bears Battle Bulls at $7000: Where Will Bitcoin Price Go From...

Econometric models predict either a very bright future or very rough times ahead for Bitcoin.Read more:

Fears of ICE bringing bad banking practices to cryptos

Wall Street veteran warns that ICE's new bitcoin market could bring bad banking practices to the crypto industry. Read more:

SEC to Review Behavior of Bitcoin Brokers

While crypto lets users remove the middleman, some investors still rely on brokers to keep their assets safe. Read more:

Facebook’s new rules for crypto ads to weed out bad apples

Experts say the strict rules for crypto ads could improve the public's perception of blockchain firms. Read more:

Darren Marble: Bullish on the Emerging Security Token Offering Market

CEO of CrowdfundX, recently commented on the trends and observations in the U.S. security token market. Read more:

South Korea’s Biggest Exchange UPbit 100% Solvent, New Report Finds

Korean crypto exchange UPbit has been cleared of any alleged wrongdoing related to their balance sheet. Read more:

Crypterium releases crypto-fiat solution –

Its tool allows users to top up their mobile phone balance. Read more: