Sunday, January 20, 2019
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Tag: cryptocurrency regulation

Bermuda eyes future crypto regulation

The Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) is looking to implement cryptocurrency regulation. Read more:

Spain’s tax authorities seek crypto user names and bank accounts

The move comes after the Spanish finance ministry called the use of cryptocurrencies in organized crime a "pressing challenge." Read more:

It’s a go for crypto from French Finance Minister Le Maire

France’s Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire, is the latest well-known person to embrace the power of the crypto as he realizes the benefits that virtual currencies offer. Read more:

Upbit exchange to launch Korea’s first cryptocurrency index

Upbit, South Korea’s second largest crypto exchange is planning to launch a new cryptocurrency index called UBCI. Read more:

Hong Kong authority halts ICO over regulatory concerns

The Securities and Futures Commission  of Hong Kong was forced to halt the KROPS ICO due to regulatory concerns. Read more:

Secretary of the Treasury sanctions Venezuelan officials

This week, the White House issued an executive order that banned any US citizens or entities from participating in the Venezuelan Petro Coin. Read more:

U.S. bans use of Venezuela’s cryptocurrency

The Trump administration targeted Venezuela’s new bitcoin-like currency Monday, prohibiting Americans and U.S. companies from dealing in the digital currency. Read more:

Russian government resolves disagreement on draft crypto law

The Bank of Russia and the country's Finance Ministry have reportedly resolved a disagreement over the specifics of a proposed crypto draft law. Read more:

New York lawmaker wants to replace the BitLicense

There's a new New York lawmaker on the scene and he wants to end a years-long policy that has held back crypto startups in the state. Read more:

Winklevoss-led Gemini announces a self-regulatory group for crypto

Gemini, run by the Winklevoss twins, is now leading the way in self-regulation with a new Virtual Commodity Association. Read more: