Monday, March 25, 2019
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Tag: cryptocurrency Trading

BeQuant crypto exchange for professional traders goes live

BeQuant, the cryptocurrency exchange for institutions and active traders, has today announced its global launch. Read more:

Coinbase adds instant trading, and increases daily limits

Coinbase just announced two new perks that should please regular cryptocurrency traders. Read more:

CrowdIF launches ICO backed by first of its kind Crypto trading...

As more and more people realize the immense potential held by blockchain and cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency trading has also risen in popularity

Is China planning to resume cryptocurrency trading soon?

CNLedger, a trusted news source within the Chinese cryptocurrency industry, has revealed that OKEX will launch P2P OTC bitcoin-to-fiat trading platform. Read More:

Lightning gives new life to atomic swaps

Opening the doors to a new form of decentralised trading, atomic swaps could replace centralised exchanges almost entirely. Read more: