Thursday, November 22, 2018
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Binance to list Circle stablecoin

Crypto firm Circle has confirmed that Binance will list its USDC stablecoin. Read More:

Group-IB and CryptoIns Introduce Insurance Against Cyber Threats

Group-IB and ASPIS SA have developed the world’s first scoring model for assessing cryptocurrency exchange cybersecurity. Read More:

Beaxy builds matching engine with OneMarketData

OneMarketData announced today that Beaxy has exclusively built their matching engine on OneTick. Read More:

Bitstamp enlists Cinnober for trading system upgrade

European cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp is replacing its in-house built matching engine with a platform from Swedish trading technology vendo. Read More:

Islamic crypto exchange to launch in 2019

The exchange will only accept “halal” cryptocurrencies. Read More:

Crypterium allows anyone to send crypto directly via bank transfers

Crypterium has announced that as of last week 400,000 users will be given the opportunity to test paying their loans directly via cryptocurrency. Read more:

Berlin is rapidly becoming a hotspot for blockchain and crypto

The German capital has become a hub for all things cryptocurrency and blockchain over the past couple of years. Read more:

Russian regulator tells financial action task force to control crypto circulation

The vice president of Russia’s financial monitoring service supports wide-reaching regulatory oversight of cryptocurrency circulation. Read more:

MapleChange gets hacked, all the funds gone

The Canadian crypto exchange MapleChange has become a victim to a hack. The platform will not be able to refund all customers, and some experts believe Read more:

Webshield launches regulatory monitoring solution

Webshield has launched a new solution to enable organisations to comply with Mastercard rules concerning cryptocurrency merchants.