Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Prominent investor: by 2040, there will be no world without bitcoin

Balaji Srinivasan believes by 2040, everyone under the age of 30 will “have never known a world without Bitcoin Read more:

Should you invest in bitcoin?

Are you about to invest in bitcoin? There are a few things to carefully consider before you make that leap Read more:

German financial authority warns on ICOs again

Germany issues a warning against ICOs…again. Separated by just six days. Read More:

Bitcoin bringing hype to real estate market

The real estate market is dipping a toe in crypto, but what advantages are there? Read More:

According to key European regulator, ICOs could be derivative activities

European regulator ESMA warns about ICOs that offer securities masking as mere “tokens” Read more:

Bitcoin not currency, never will be

Bitcoin isn’t money, and the reason for that is its volatility Read more:

ICOs are already revolutionizing FinTech, Moeda CEO Says

Investors don't need to wait for Initial Coin Offerings to reach their full potential: ICOs are already redefining how businesses in certain markets Read more:

Bitcoin and property: either the future of deals or millennial marketing...

Even news of a £375,000 new-build in Colchester, Essex managed to generate national headlines once it had a Bitcoin price tag attached Read more:

Virtual currency exchanges and US customers beware, IRS is Coming

The tax man cometh...and he probably knows who you are Read more:

‘Pump and dump’ scams plague cryptocurrency markets

Traders "pump and dump" small cryptocurrencies to artificially inflate the price in the hope of making a quick profit at the expense of other investors Read more: