Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Economists promote low-volatility cryptocurrency backed by dollars

Described as academic’s asset, specie designed to negate worst aspects of digital coin. Read more:

Secretary of the Treasury sanctions Venezuelan officials

This week, the White House issued an executive order that banned any US citizens or entities from participating in the Venezuelan Petro Coin. Read more:

UK government launches crypto ‘task force’

The U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, will reveal a "crypto assets task force" Thursday. It will tackle the tech's risks and benefits. Read more:

3 big problems Ripple investors can no longer ignore

While Ripple is “not a bad investment” right now, major challenges exist when it comes to long-term prospects for its bank-oriented digital token (XRP), according to Weiss Ratings. Read more:

UK exchange to launch first cryptocurrency futures contract

Coinfloor, a London-based group of cryptocurrency exchanges, plans to launch a futures exchange for digital assets. Read more:

Crypto freeloaders? The strong case for higher fees

While many think crypto transaction fees should be pushed lower, these researchers believe users could be paying more. Read more:

In praise of the cryptocurrency bubble

This mania is incentivizing the formation of collaborative networks of developers and entrepreneurs. Their ideas will shape the economy of the future. Read more:

U.S. bans use of Venezuela’s cryptocurrency

The Trump administration targeted Venezuela’s new bitcoin-like currency Monday, prohibiting Americans and U.S. companies from dealing in the digital currency. Read more:

Crypto trading platform Strix Leviathan collects $1.6m

Seattle-based cryptocurrency trading platform Strix Leviathan $1.6m in a seed round led by Liquid 2 Ventures. Read more:

Top Visa executive attacks Bitcoin, brags about his wealth

Late last week, in a series of statements which let you know how rich he is, a top executive at Visa lambasted Bitcoin with claims that rival even the greatest of FUD throwers. Read more: