Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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Tag: Ethereum

Two Startups Are Partnering to Enable Amazon Purchases with Ethereum

Two blockchain-focused startups are teaming up to enable Amazon purchases with ethereum. Read more: coindesk

Ethereum Startups Team to Offer ‘Banking-Grade’ Wallet Security

Two ethereum startups have teamed up to help bring bank account-like protection to users of the second-largest blockchain. Read more: coindesk

Ethereum’s Constantinople hard fork gets delayed due to critical bug

Ethereum developers took the decision after a new bug was found to exploit the hard fork software code and continuously withdraw user funds. Read more:

How did Ethereum take over Ripple with 80% gain in one...

Over the past 30 days, the Ethereum price has risen from $83 to $150, by 80 percent against the U.S. dollar in a strong corrective rally. Read more:

Ethereum Foundation awards nearly $3m in startup grants

The Ethereum Foundation has awarded 20 different startups and individuals a total of $2.86 million in its latest grant program round. Read more:

LINE’s crypto exchange lists its own token against Bitcoin, Ether

Messaging giant LINE's Bitbox exchange has made its LINK token available for trading against bitcoin, ethereum and tether. Read more:

Binance launches its first fiat-crypto exchange in Uganda

Binance will officially launch its fiat-to-crypto branch in Uganda this week, where the national currency will be traded with Bitcoin and Ethereum pairs. Read more:

Austria Tourism Pilots Blockchain Tech Using Ethereum-Based Token

Vienna, AUSTRIA. The Austrian National Tourist Office (ANTO) is making history by being among the first in the world to run a digital ad campaign powered by blockchain technology.

Brazil brokerage to integrate Bitcoin and Ethereum by year end

Despite being not enthusiastic about cryptos, the largest brokerage in Brazil will enter the crypto space by launching an exchange for Bitcoin and Ethereum Read more::

Ethereum price surges 9% amidst crypto market recovery

The crypto market has demonstrated a short-term corrective rally in the past 24 hours, after major assets like Ethereum showed strong oversold conditions. Read more: