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Pegasystems to enable banks to test Ethereum in onboarding

Pegasystems has launched the Pega Blockchain Innovation Kit to enable banks to test Ethereum for its onboarding applications. Read More: regtechanalyst.com

Crypto market regains $7bn as Augur, EOS prices jump

The cryptocurrency market has slightly rebounded by $7 billion over the last 24 hours, despite the struggle of bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Read more: www.ccn.com

Ethereum futures launch on regulated UK trading platform

The world’s first regulated ethereum futures will soon begin trading on UK cryptocurrency trading platform Crypto Facilities. Read more: www.ccn.com

Analyst predicts Ethereum price to hit record $2,500 in 2018

Ethereum price could rise fourfold to $2,500 and have a record-setting year this year, a financial consulting firm has predicted. Read more: www.ccn.com

New Ethereum tech brings security to scalable state channels

Researchers have unveiled a new ethereum scaling project with a focus on security, and even Vitalik Buterin wants to see it grow and succeed. Read more: www.coindesk.com

Bitcoin back to $8,250, Ethereum tokens secure momentum

Alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins) and Ethereum have outperformed bitcoin, the most dominant cryptocurrency in the market, over the past two weeks. Read more: www.ccn.com

Chile is using Ethereum’s blockchain to track energy data

The new energy minister has announced a project to commit a number of data sets to the public ledger, where they will be much harder to hack. Read more: www.coindesk.com

Smart contracts and blockchain at your dinner table?

Crypto investors want real people and real businesses behind the white papers. Read more: bitcoinist.com

How NBT and Weeve are solving the scaling issue of Ethereum

Though Bitcoin has garnered significant mainstream media attention over the past few months, Ethereum might become the cryptocurrency at the top of the heap in 2018. Read more: bitcoinist.com

Circle rolls out crypto investment app in 46 US States

Circle made its Invest app widely available Tuesday. It offers commission-free trading of bitcoin, ethereum, and several other tokens. Read more: www.coindesk.com