Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Tag: Facebook

British finance expert to sue Facebook for scam crypto ads

Martin Lewis, a prominent financial journalist and consumer finance expert, is set to issue High Court proceedings against Facebook for advertisements, Read more:

Cambridge Analytica planned $30m ICO before data scandal

Sources familiar with the matter said that the data analytics firm is also considering using Blockchain technology to secure their online data. Read more:

The FinTech Files: Facebook fears in FinTech

As Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg prepares to testify in US Congress, the debate around data security and privacy is very much alive and kicking. Read more:

What the EU’s tough new privacy rules mean for big tech

GDPR could see fines of €20m or more for companies that fail to protect user data. Read more:

Why ICOs should be thanking Twitter, Facebook, & Google

Twitter, Facebook, and Google have now banned or restricted cryptocurrency related advertising. Read more:

After Facebook, will global ad regulators reject ICOs?

ICOs are advertising more and more. Are web platforms and regulators taking note, seeking to stamp out bad behavior? Read more:

Belgium bank Belfius adds pay through Facebook, Whatsapp

Belgium bank Belfius today launched a payment feature that allows users to make P2P payments through social media platform Facebook's Messenger as well as  Read more:

Facebook likes payments: Cryptocurrency, not so much

EXCLUSIVE - Payments might not be a substantial portion of social media platform Facebook’s revenues, but it is an important one -- particularly as non-payment, Read more:

Facebook banning ICO ads a good thing for crypto

Facebook is renowned for disseminating clickbait, scams, fraudulent adverts, and malware. Finally the company has made some moves to clean up its act where ICOs, Read more:

Nordea brings e-invoicing to Facebook Messenger

Nordea has collaborated with Nordic payments processor Nets on a service which enables consumers to post invoices and pay their bills via Facebook Read more: