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What is the missing piece of the puzzle for Islamic FinTech...

Technology offers an ‘interesting nexus’ for Sharia compliance and can fuel Islamic Finance adoption, according to InsureHalal chairman Salman Badr Al-Hasan Read more: fintech.global

WealthTech investments reached 80% of last year’s total in Q1 alone

Global WealthTech funding is on track to surpass 2017’s record with over $2bn invested in Q1 2018 Read more: fintech.global

Investment in Chinese FinTech companies surpassed $1bn in Q1 2018

FinTech investment in China hit $1.1bn across 10 deals in Q1 2018 Read more: fintech.global

Real estate technology is still in its beginning stages, but things...

PropTech is still a fairly ‘embryonic industry right now’, but interest is quickly rising, according to Reech Corporations Group chairman Christophe Reech, Read more: fintech.global

FinTech companies raised $10bn across 387 deals in Q1 2018

Nearly $130bn has been invested in FinTech companies globally since 2014 Read more: fintech.global

FinTech investment in Denmark increased seven-fold between 2014 and 2017

Over 40% of the total capital raised by FinTech companies in Denmark last year has been invested in Q1 2018 already. Read more: fintech.global

FinTech investment in Latin America reached record levels in 2017

FinTech deal activity in the region increased by almost 20% last year Read more: fintech.global

Global InsurTech funding gained traction in 2017 with $2bn capital invested

The loss of momentum in global InsurTech investment after 2015 was simply due to the volatility of large deals Read more: fintech.global

FinTech investments in Australasia have increased six-fold since 2014

Capital invested in Australasian FinTech companies surpassed $750m across 56 deals last year. Read more: fintech.global

How are cryptocurrencies, ICOs impacting the VC market?

some ICOs leverage historical venture funding to raise capital they probably shouldn’t be receiving, according to Aberdeen Standard Investments' Kirsten Morin, Read more: fintech.global