Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Tag: FinTech Global

Funding Platforms have raised over $1.2bn since 2014

Deal activity in the Funding Platforms sector has been in decline, as the industry consolidates. Read more: fintech.global

FinTech needs to support the retail side of Islamic Finance in...

There hasn’t been enough use of retail Islamic Finance, but FinTech can allow for this to happen, according to Yielders co-founder and CIO Zeeshan Uppal Read more: fintech.global

Funding to Institutional Investments & Trading companies is set to decline...

Capital invested in the first half of 2018 equates to just 37.8% of last year’s total Read more: fintech.global

Nearly $1bn has been poured into FinTech companies in France since...

FinTech investment in France is on track to beat the record funding levels from last year Read more: fintech.global

The RegTech sector shows no signs of cooling, with $2.5bn already...

RegTech companies have raised almost 2.5 times as much capital this year than they did in 2017. Read more: fintech.global

How can new VC firms enter into a crowded FinTech market?

Avoiding the ‘hubris’ of FinTech investing and moving to more niche areas was key when launching GTR Ventures, according to co-founder and CIO Kelvin Tan in a research interview with FinTech Global. Read more: fintech.global

2018 is already a record year for global FinTech investment

The global FinTech sector raised $41.7bn in the first half of 2018, surpassing last year’s record total. Read more: fintech.global

Challenger Banks raised record amount of capital in Q1 2018

More than $2.8bn has been raised by Challenger Banks globally since 2014 Read more: fintech.global

FinTech investments in Ireland slowed in Q1 after a record 2017

A lack of later-stage deals meant funding in Q1 2018 reached just 17.8% of last year’s total Read more: fintech.global

Swiss FinTech funding slows down due to lack of later-stage deals

Capital invested in Swiss FinTech companies returned to normal levels after large deals pushed quarterly funding to record highs in H1 2017 Read more: fintech.global