Wednesday, July 17, 2019
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Tag: FinTech Global

UK FinTech funding is on course to reach new heights in...

UK FinTech investment this year is on track to outperform 2017 as size of deals keeps increasing Read more:

InsurTech 100 reveals the companies all players in the insurance industry...

The top 100 InsurTech companies from around the world have been named in this year’s InsurTech 100, which has been compiled by FinTech Global.

Global WealthTech investment reaches record levels with almost $3.5bn raised already

Investment in WealthTech companies is up 30% compared to last year Read more:

FinTech investments in the Nordics set to decline in 2018

Investment in FinTech companies in the Nordics on course to decline this year, due to a few exceptionally large deals in 2017 Read more:

The three trends shaping WealthTech

Commoditisation of the basic products, hybrid models that embrace a human-touch and user-centric digital platforms are all set to play an integral part Read more:

FinTech companies in China have raised nearly $40bn since 2014

FinTech investment in China is up almost 10-fold already compared to last year Read more:

Outdated enterprise software is raising insurance premiums for consumers

Insurance companies need to improve their enterprise software or premiums will rise for consumers, according to Luther Systems co-founder & CEO Hossein Kakavand Read more:

Global Marketplace Lending investment on track to surpass funding levels from...

Almost $5bn has been raised by Marketplace Lending companies in the first six months of 2018. Read more:

Payments & Remittances funding already set a record in 2018, with...

Payments & Remittances companies globally have raised over $50bn since 2014 Read more:

Canadian FinTech companies raise over $700m in the first half of...

Almost 85% of the total capital invested in 2017 has been raised this year already Read more: