Monday, March 19, 2018
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Tag: Fintech

Risks and rewards of FinTech in Singapore, opinion

FinTech technologies have existed for decades. The science of cryptography has been fundamental to the financial system since the early days of electronic transactions. Read more:

FinTech in a disruptive world

Banks, financial institutions in general, and RegTech firms in particular, continue undergoing a period of major change driven by sector-specific new regulations. Read more:

Bitcoin price drops to a five-week low below $8,000

Bitcoin has tumbled to a five-week low of below $8,000 as it continues to be battered by negative news. Read more:

Indian FinTech sector needs regulatory support to flourish

India's nascent fintech sector has huge potential but requires a supportive regulatory environment and investment in human talent to flourish. Read more:

Australia warns of scammers collecting taxes in Bitcoin

Australia’s official tax authority has warned the public of scammers purporting to be tax agents demanding cryptocurrencies like bitcoin for tax payments. Read more:

ImmVRse Blockchain-Based VR Platform Revolutionization

Virtual Reality (VR) and other kinds of virtual technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), are widely considered the next frontier in Information Technology revolution. Read more:

AI and Machine Learning: expert opinion

Knowledge Broker at Capital Enterprise Financial markets and AI is a particularly interesting debate. Read more:

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank partners with Bitt for FinTech pilot

The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) has partnered with Barbados-based FinTech company Bitt to conduct a FinTech pilot. Read more:

Ethereum is throwing out the crypto governance playbook

An ethereum event provided evidence that when it comes to a path forward on governance, the world's second-largest blockchain is going its own way. Read more:

FinTech in Canada: the good, the bad & the ugly

Last week during FFCON2018, there was a single presentation that provided a state of Fintech in Canada. Read more: