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UK regulator knocks out seven shades of FinTech hits

The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has revealed seven areas where its intervention can have the greatest impact, or where there is the greatest Read more: www.bankingtech.com

FinTech startup Dimebox launches fraud predictor service

Amsterdam-based FinTech startup Dimebox has launched a proprietary fraud predictor service based on machine learning. Read More: regtechanalyst.com

Central Bank of Sri Lanka eyes FinTech regulatory sandbox

The Payments and Settlements Department of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka is looking to set up a FinTech regulatory sandbox. Read More: regtechanalyst.com

Is AI the right fuel for FinTech?

The banking and financial industry have always been early adopters of the latest tech gadgets, Read more: www.finextra.com

FinTech tour Heaven: holier than thou takes a bow

As day follows night and as a delicious cheesecake comes after a KFC Bargain Bucket, then goodness and light will seek to shine. Read more: www.bankingtech.com

Israeli FinTech investments doubled in Q1 compared to the same quarter...

>Investment in Israeli FinTech companies was historically healthy in Q1 2018 with $115.1m invested across 10 deals Read more: fintech.global

FinTech companies raised $10bn across 387 deals in Q1 2018

Nearly $130bn has been invested in FinTech companies globally since 2014 Read more: fintech.global

UK FinTech calls Government to tone down immigration hostility

With the UK's 'hostile' policy towards immigration claiming its first political casualty in the shape of Home Secretary Amber Rudd, Innovate Finance, Read more: www.finextra.com

Singapore & Vietnam partner to encourage FinTech innovation

Regulators in Singapore and Vietnam have established a new partnership to encourage FinTech innovation and strengthen cooperation in banking supervision. Read More: regtechanalyst.com

Humaniq implements smart bioID system

Humaniq, a London-based FinTech company, has implemented a new smart bio-identification system to strengthen security for outgoing transactions. Read More: regtechanalyst.com