Monday, October 15, 2018
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Tag: Fraud

Fight the fraudsters with bometric identification

Welcome to our 4-part blog series on Giving the Finger to Fraud. In this first post, David Orme Read more:

Distilled & Shyft join to combat global identity theft

Distilled Analytics and Shyft Network to combat the expanding global issue of identity verification, theft, and fraud. Read More:

4Stop partners with Web Shield to offer merchant underwriting

4Stop, a provider KYC, compliance and fraud prevention solutions, has partnered with Web Shield and launched its global merchant underwriting solution. Read More:

Securities laws can be applied to ICO fraud

U.S. District Judge Raymond Dearie said today the government is permitted to proceed in a criminal case concerning two fraudulent ICOs. Read more:

Risk-based authentication: How to secure e-commerce payments

In 2018, banks and retailers are dealing with a new breed of customer: one that expects a fast, seamless online payment experience. Read more:

Reformed fraudster Tony Sales now fighting fraud

Most people’s first job was babysitting, or delivering the paper, or perhaps working at a local shop. But none of those jobs really appealed to a young Tony Sales – Read more:

Experian launches new service to detect child identity theft

Experian is rolling out Child ID Scan, a service that can detect possible child identity theft and fraud. Read More:

Deep dive: Protecting platform payments

Online payment platforms have changed how worldwide consumers do business. Ride hailing platforms and short-term rental websites aren’t the only ones Read more:

UOB adopts machine learning tools to combat financial crime

United Overseas Bank is to apply machine learning technology from local RegTech startup and accelerator graduate Tookitaki across its Read more:

Financial ombudsman warns banks on APP fraud handling

The UK's Financial Ombudsman has warned banks that it's unfair to automatically accuse customers of 'gross negligence' when deciding on reimbursement Read more: