Monday, October 22, 2018


How FinTech is benefiting the small businesses around the globe

When it comes to maintain a healthy cash flow for small business as well as to manage other business dealings effectually, Read more:

FINCA launches venture division to support the social benefit enterprises

Microfinance company FINCA International has launched a new investing platform to help early-stage social enterprises. Read more:

InsurTech hubs around the world

As mentioned in articles before, there are a plethora of Insurtech conferences throughout the year. Read more:

EY to invest $1bn into FinTech over the next two years

EY has announced plans to invest $1bn over the next two financial years into new FinTech solutions. Read more:

“#WomenInFinTech movement is critical to create positive change”

#WomeninFinTech are leading the way; InsurTech Rising spoke with Shruthi Rao of Adapt Ready about her experiences in the tech industry, Read more:

FinTech companies raised $10bn across 387 deals in Q1 2018

Nearly $130bn has been invested in FinTech companies globally since 2014 Read more:

Global PayTech funding down by more than 30% in 2017 as...

Funding to Payments & Remittances companies declined to $5.1 billion across 234 deals in 2017. Read more:

FinTech, RegTech and SupTech

How FinTech And RegTech Are Transforming The Financial Industry FinTech is the application of Read more:

Money transfer companies going the venture capital way

Data released by the Pew Research Centre shows that migrants the world over sent around US $574 billion to their home countries in 2016. Read more:

Can Bitcoin claw its way back to being a payment system?

Bitcoin has lost its way as a payment system somewhat, but that does not mean it can’t get back to that original vision. Read more: