Friday, September 21, 2018
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Tag: ICO

France introduces new ICO framework

The French authorities have accepted the legal ICO framework drafted in early 2018. The framework is an important part of a push to turn the country into an ICO hub. Read more:

China central bank warns of crypto, ICO risks in public notice

The People’s Bank of China, the country’s central bank, has issued a public notice urging investors of risks in cryptocurrency trading and initial coin offerings. Read more:

Russia’s central bank: ICO pilot a success, legal hurdles remain

A regulatory platform operated by the Bank of Russia has concluded an initial coin offering (ICO) pilot, a central bank official has revealed. Read more:

Securities laws can be applied to ICO fraud

U.S. District Judge Raymond Dearie said today the government is permitted to proceed in a criminal case concerning two fraudulent ICOs. Read more:

ICOs aren’t cashing out their crypto warchests

Despite speculation to the contrary, reserach shows that most ICOs have not cashed out their cryptocurrency war chests -- at least not yet. Read more:

Australian watchdog will monitor crypto exchanges

Australia’s securities regulator and watchdog is focusing efforts to keep a close eye on the cryptocurrency sector, including ICOs, as part its corporate action plan for 2018-19. Read more:

ASX probes penny stock seeking to raise $15m ICO

The Australian Securities Exchange is questioning an IT firm behind a listed penny stock seeking to raise $15 million via a token sale. Read more:

Philippines to publish final ICO regulation

Filipino authorities have hinted they will publish regulations on ICOs and cryptocurrency exchanges towards the end of next week. Read more:

Korea’s Jeju Island appeals to president in push for ICO hub

The governor of South Korea's Jeju island is maintaining his push to turn the autonomous region into a blockchain and initial coin offering free zone. Read more:

Establishing new partnerships for VC

Financier Worldwide magazine touts initial coin offerings (ICOs) as the Wild West of financing, questioning whether ICOs represent the Read more: