Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Tags Islamic Finance

Tag: Islamic Finance

UK and Turkey push Islamic finance through fintech

The UK and Turkey have launched a joint initiative to try and scale Islamic finance through the fintech sector. Read more:

Malaysia is directing its 3 largest industries to blockchain tech

The Malaysian government is seeking to explore blockchain solutions in the nation’s three largest industries: renewable energy, palm oil, and Islamic finance. Read more:

FinTech needs to support the retail side of Islamic Finance in...

There hasn’t been enough use of retail Islamic Finance, but FinTech can allow for this to happen, according to Yielders co-founder and CIO Zeeshan Uppal Read more:

What is the missing piece of the puzzle for Islamic FinTech...

Technology offers an ‘interesting nexus’ for Sharia compliance and can fuel Islamic Finance adoption, according to InsureHalal chairman Salman Badr Al-Hasan Read more:

Dubai bodies team on Islamic FinTech initiatives

Dubai International Financial Centre signed a memorandum of Understanding with Dubai Islamic Economy Development Centre as commitment to Islamic finance. Read more:

Islamic FinTech firm becomes first to get UK regulatory approval

A London-based Islamic financial technology start-up has become the first company of its kind to be given regulatory approval in the UK. Read more:

FinTech platforms add Islamic finance capabilities

Goldmoney has certified its gold-based financial products as sharia-compliant, the latest firm to combine blockchain technology to tap demand from Islamic investors. Read more: