Thursday, March 22, 2018
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Tag: Japan

Japanese FIs bullish on use of DLT in trade matching

A group of Japanese financial institutions are investigating the use of distributed ledger technology in trade matching processes. Read more:

A Japanese electric provider is testing Bitcoin on Lightning

One of Japan's largest electric companies is intrigued by bitcoin's early-stage Lightning Network, so much so they're testing it out. Read more:

Japan is open-banking its arms to a FinTech revolution

It is a little-known fact that Japan has embraced the notion of open banking, having been inspired by the European Payment Services Directive. Read more:

Today’s top tech news: Toyota plans AI-based, Uber-like services

Twitter gets new CTO while startups in China are raising funding and planning their expansions. Read more:

Japan’s FSA Suspends two crypto exchanges

Japan's Financial Services Agency is halting the operation of two domestic crypto exchanges while requiring six exchanges to report improvement plans. Read more:

Ripple and Japanese banks to launch mobile app

Ripple is working with a consortium of Japanese banks to launch 'MoneyTap' a smartphone application that will enable consumer to make instant domestic payments. Read more:

Japan’s crypto exchanges self-regulate

A total of 16 registered Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges are establishing a self-regulatory body in April, within months of the infamous $530 million hack of Coincheck. Read more:

Glitch almost leads to $20tn Loss

It's not a great time for Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges. Weeks after a major heist, another Japanese cryptocurrency exchange reported a huge disaster that, Read more:

Japan’s crypto exchanges see increasing regulatory inspections

In the aftermath of the half-a-billion-dollar hack of cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, Japan’s regulators are reportedly ramping up their scrutiny on the, Read more:

RegPac, encognize build Singapore, Japan RegTech bridge

RegPac Revolution Pte. Ltd. (RegPac) headquartered in Singapore and Japan-based encognize G.K. (encognize) have announced a co-operation agreement, Read more: