Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Tag: Japan

Japan is open-banking its arms to a FinTech revolution

It is a little-known fact that Japan has embraced the notion of open banking, having been inspired by the European Payment Services Directive. Read more:

Today’s top tech news: Toyota plans AI-based, Uber-like services

Twitter gets new CTO while startups in China are raising funding and planning their expansions. Read more:

Japan’s FSA Suspends two crypto exchanges

Japan's Financial Services Agency is halting the operation of two domestic crypto exchanges while requiring six exchanges to report improvement plans. Read more:

Ripple and Japanese banks to launch mobile app

Ripple is working with a consortium of Japanese banks to launch 'MoneyTap' a smartphone application that will enable consumer to make instant domestic payments. Read more:

Japan’s crypto exchanges self-regulate

A total of 16 registered Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges are establishing a self-regulatory body in April, within months of the infamous $530 million hack of Coincheck. Read more:

Glitch almost leads to $20tn Loss

It's not a great time for Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges. Weeks after a major heist, another Japanese cryptocurrency exchange reported a huge disaster that, Read more:

Japan’s crypto exchanges see increasing regulatory inspections

In the aftermath of the half-a-billion-dollar hack of cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck, Japan’s regulators are reportedly ramping up their scrutiny on the, Read more:

RegPac, encognize build Singapore, Japan RegTech bridge

RegPac Revolution Pte. Ltd. (RegPac) headquartered in Singapore and Japan-based encognize G.K. (encognize) have announced a co-operation agreement, Read more:

Japanese authorities raid hacked Coincheck exchange

Japan's Financial Services Agency raided the offices of the hacked Coincheck cryptocurrency exchange to see if they had adequate funds to repay customers. Read more:

LINE to open crypto exchange for its 200m monthly users

LINE is looking to launch a cryptocurrency exchange and trading functionality in its chat app, used by 200 million people monthly, Read more: