Saturday, July 21, 2018
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Tag: Japan

Japan releases domestic cryptocurrency statistics

Japan's Financial Services Agency has published domestic cryptocurrency trading statistics for the first time. Read more:

Japanese regulator suspends two crypto exchanges

Japan's financial regulator has ordered two cryptocurrency exchanges to halt operations for two months due to insufficient KYC procedures. Read more:

Switzerland and Japan in FinTech accord

Japanese and Swiss financial regulators have initiated an agreement on financial technology. The agreement helps the Swiss authority expand its fintech network in Asia. Read more:

Line to launch South Korean blockchain subsidiary

Japan-based social messaging platform Line is launching a blockchain-focused subsidiary in South Korea. Read more:

Japan Exchange Group applies AI in market suveillance operations

Japan Exchange Regulation ("JPX-R") and Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. ("TSE") decided to apply artificial intelligence (AI) to market. Read more:

Japanese FIs bullish on use of DLT in trade matching

A group of Japanese financial institutions are investigating the use of distributed ledger technology in trade matching processes. Read more:

A Japanese electric provider is testing Bitcoin on Lightning

One of Japan's largest electric companies is intrigued by bitcoin's early-stage Lightning Network, so much so they're testing it out. Read more:

Japan is open-banking its arms to a FinTech revolution

It is a little-known fact that Japan has embraced the notion of open banking, having been inspired by the European Payment Services Directive. Read more:

Today’s top tech news: Toyota plans AI-based, Uber-like services

Twitter gets new CTO while startups in China are raising funding and planning their expansions. Read more:

Japan’s FSA Suspends two crypto exchanges

Japan's Financial Services Agency is halting the operation of two domestic crypto exchanges while requiring six exchanges to report improvement plans. Read more: