Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Tag: Mobile Banking

Apps more popular than online banking in UK

A survey has revealed that smartphone apps have surpassed online banking as the channel of choice for UK consumers. Read more:

Barclays app turns on retailers with “turn off” spending feature

Barclays has launched a new feature for customers within its mobile banking app giving them the ability to turn off spending with certain types of retailers. Read more:

Deutsche Bank launches standalone Mobile Wallet

Deutsche Bank has set up a subsidiary, called Yunar, which will gradually build out a mobile wallet offering a host of services. Read More:

Ualá said to raise $34m in Series B led by Goldman...

Ualá, a mobile banking platform, has reportedly raised $34m in its Series B round led by Goldman Sachs Investment Partners. Read more:

PFM app Tally adds robo advisor functionality

The future of mobile banking is having everything on a single app. Read more:

BBVA dream team unveils mobile banking platform in Mexico

BBVA has launched in Mexico the “first” mobile banking platform developed globally by means of a coordinated effort involving multidisciplinary Read more:

Mobile banking app Numbrs closes new funding round

European Mobile banking app Numbrs has raised a new undisclosed round of funding, which brings its total funding efforts to $150m. Read more:

Paytm Canada launches bill pay rewards programme

Paytm Canada today announced the launch of the first-of-its kind rewards platform where consumers earn points and cash back through any method of payment. Read more:

How Wells Fargo meets customers’ digital needs

Wells Fargo is combining mobile banking technology with brick-and-mortar branches, meeting their customers' changing physical and digital banking needs. Read more:

There’s no room for another consumer payment app in US

EXCLUSIVE— The march of mobile banking and payments continues across the U.S., but it may be smarter for those startups looking to break into that market to, Read more: