Thursday, January 18, 2018
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Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund bets millions on bitcoin

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel's VC firm reportedly made hundreds of millions by putting $15 million to $20 million down on bitcoin last year. Read more:

Raisin closes strategic investment from PayPal

Financial marketplace Raisin has closed a strategic investment from digital payments giant PayPal. Read More:

PayPal’s TIO network data breach hits 1.6m customers

PayPal has revealed that a potential compromise of personally identifiable information for approximately 1.6 million customers has been found on its TIO Networks. Read More:

How PayPal is making more of Facebook’s platform

Venmo achieved its status by designing its interface like that of a social network. Read More:

PayPal integrates micro-investing app Acorns

In its latest stab at expanding beyond payments, PayPal is entering the savings market through an integration with micro-investing app Acorns. Read More:

PayPal suspends TIO Networks’ operations

PayPal has suspended the operations of TIO Networks, a bill-payment company it purchased earlier this year, following the discovery of security vulnerabilities that require investigation. Read More:

PayPal is now available in India for domestic operations

PayPal today announced that it would be available for domestic payments in India. Read More:

PayPal begins domestic operations in India

A decade ago, we embarked on a journey to digitize India by enabling cross-border transactions. Read more:

Imagine PayPal partners up with blockchain payment

Online payment platforms have not kept up with the times, suffer from limited functionality and have no cryptocurrency solutions. Read More:

Pay With Venmo launches at 2m merchants

Venmo has announced that Venmo users can use their accounts to shop at 2m retailers that accept PayPal, a move that expands U.S social commerce. Read More: