Wednesday, January 16, 2019
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Tag: Paypal

PayPal expands financial inclusion efforts with TIO buy

PayPal is expanding its offering and reaching more users with the acquisition of bill payment company TIO Networks for roughly $233m. Read more:

PayPal is launching a FinTech scholarship in Singapore

PayPal has announced that it will partner with Singapore Management University (SMU) to roll out a FinTech scholarship in Singapore worth S$180,000 (US$126,900). Read more:

Jaguar launches in-car payments at Shell gas stations

Jaguar is teaming up with Shell to launch a new payment feature that lets you pay for gas right within their vehicles at the pumps. Read more:

PayPal receives subpoenas over anti-money-laundering compliance

PayPal said Wednesday it had received subpoenas from the US Justice Department over its anti-money-laundering compliance program. Read more:

PayPal builds Slack P2P payments bot

PayPal has built its first bot, enabling Slack users to send person-to-person payments without leaving the team messaging app. Read more:

Amazon payments nearly doubled transaction volume in 2016

The retailer said this morning that over 33 million customers have now used Amazon Payments to make a purchase. Read more:

PayPal talking with Amazon on payments, CEO says

Amazon and PayPal have discussed letting shoppers pay for Amazon purchases using their PayPal accounts. Read more:

PayPal continues to see strong revenue growth

PayPal reported fourth quarter earnings after the bell on Thursday, and they were just what investors were expecting. Read more:

Android Pay adds PayPal cards, Visa checkout

As it did with Visa and Mastercard last year, the payments giant is working its way back into brick-and-mortar locations, and not just for its app. Read more:

PayPal partners with Discover for expanded digital payments

Discover Financial Services and PayPal have signed an agreement making PayPal more widely available to Discover cardmembers. Read more: