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Nippon Platform, Nets to test QR code payment at Japanese merchants

Nippon Platform Group is partnering with Singapore's Nets to test mobile payments using Nets QR code payment in Japan, according to a press release. Read more: www.mobilepaymentstoday.com

Singapore rolls out unified payment QR code

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has announced the unified payment QR code - The Singapore Quick Response Code (SGQR) Read more: www.thepaypers.com

Taiwan Cooperative Bank, Visa launch QR payment in Taiwan

Taiwan Cooperative Bank (TCB) and Visa have announced the implementation of a standardised and EMV-compliant QR code payment for Taiwan. Read more: www.thepaypers.com

UQPAY rolls out SGQR payment service for merchants

UQPAY has released Singapore Quick Response Code (SGQR) payments for its merchants, combining its multiple existing payment QR codes in a single QR code. Read more: www.thepaypers.com

UnionPay expansion gets four new alliances in Eurasia

UnionPay expansion strategy has led to four new collaboration agreements to expand the issuance of its cards and QR code payment service in Eurasia regions. Read more: www.verdict.co.uk

UnionPay, Bank of China bring QR code to Canada

UnionPay International is partnering with Bank of China’s Canadian unit to launch its QR code payment service in Canada. According to a report in Verdict, Read more: www.pymnts.com

QR Codes are gaining a brighter profile

QR Codes, digital payment tools, have won new backing in India and security warnings from China. The spread of the technology faces challenges, Read more: www.pymnts.com

Mastercard flips the switch on payments’ power

Kiki Del Valle, SVP of commerce for every device for Mastercard, talked about how Mastercard will show how the power of a QR code, technology and payments innovation, Read more: www.pymnts.com

Payment Source allows you to pay your taxes using QR code

Toronto-based Payment Source is partnering with the Canada Revenue Agency, allowing Canadians to make tax payments at 6,000 Canada Post locations. Read more: betakit.com

Mobile wallets join forces for QR payments in Singapore

Seven mobile wallets, acquirers and payment networks, including Diners Club, EZi Wallet, EZ-Link, Liquid Pay, Mastercard, UnionPay International, Read more: www.finextra.com