Wednesday, January 17, 2018
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Tag: Russia

Russia officials will vote on cryptocurrency legalisation

Alexei Moiseev, Russian Deputy Finance Minister, told reporters that the Finance Ministry “supports the legalization of trade in cryptocurrencies on, Read more:

Alfa-Bank, HashCash unleash blockchain-powered payments

Russia’s largest commercial bank is making waves. Alfa-Bank has initiated a collaboration with HashCash, a private, permissionless, digital cash system, Read more:

Gov’t workers exempt from declaring cryptocurrency gains

Russian government workers don’t have to declare cryptocurrency they receive, according to updated regulations from the Ministry o... Read more:

Tinkoff Bank first in the world to bring stories to app

Russia-based Tinkoff Bank says it has become “the first bank anywhere in the world to introduce a stories feature to its mobile app”, brining new content, Read more:

Russian retailers suffer cash register outages

Russian retailers using internet-connected cash registers required by the government suffered outages, which impacted retail sales right before the holidays. Read more:

ID Finance raises $8.5m in bond issuance

ID Finance has secured the initial capital for its first step of its bond issuance programme, pulling in $8.5m. Read more:

Russia’s biggest bank pilots money transfer on IBM blockchain

Sberbank has piloted the Russian banking industry’s first ever payment transaction over a blockchain.Read more:

Merkata Smart POS nets funding from FinSight Ventures

Russia-based Merkata Smart POS has received an undisclosed investment from FinSight Ventures. Read more:

Sberbank conducts payment transaction using IBM blockchain

Sberbank has organised the Russian banking industry’s first-ever pilot blockchain payment transaction. Read more:

Bitcoin will “never” be legalized in Russia, claims minister

Russia’s minister for communications and mass media has opined that the country will never allow cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to be legalized. Read More: