Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Why the SEC should give amnesty to illegal ICOs

The SEC and ICO participants must work together to find a reasonable market fix to the current royal mess. Read more:

SEC Official: ICO market shows need for securities regulation

An SEC commissioner warned that initial coin offerings could be fraudulent, but consumers cannot necessarily identify fraud. Read more:

SEC charges third ‘mastermind’ in Centra Tech ICO fraud

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced charges against a third partner in an investigation of Centra Tech Inc.’s $32 million ICO, Read more:

Thai SEC consultant ‘hopes’ authorities reconsider tax

Thai SEC tech consultant admits the necessity of reconsidering the country’s digital asset tax framework introduced in late March. Read more:

Regulators want crypto exchanges to be like stock markets

The SEC believes that cryptocurrency exchanges could improve by implementing similar principles of stock markets. Read more:

DOJ, SEC argue vague laws no excuse for ICO fraud

The U.S. government has pushed back against an effort to dismiss the charges in an ongoing initial coin offering (ICO) fraud lawsuit. Read more:

A 12-month freeze on US token trading is just beginning

The SEC's actions against U.S. ICOs appear to not only be discouraging innovation, they're leaving even experts confused about the state of play. Read more:

SEC wants more information about ICOs

The SEC wants more information about ICOs and the firms that bring them to market. PYMNTS spoke to Nimish Patel, a securities lawye as the regulatory landscape shifts. Read more:

SEC Probes ICO Fundraising Methods

In an effort to bring the largely unregulated and highly speculative world of initial coin offerings in the US under control, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Read more:

5 facts about Cryptocurrency the SEC says investors must know

US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Jay Clayton shared his thoughts on cryptocurrency recently. Here are five things the SEC thinks all investors need to know. Read more: