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Tag: Smart Contracts

Investors take another look at longest-running ICO

Another blockchain for smart contracts? It turns out the claim is catching the attention of investors as the EOS blockchain heads toward launch. Read more: www.coindesk.com

Smart contracts and blockchain at your dinner table?

Crypto investors want real people and real businesses behind the white papers. Read more: bitcoinist.com

How can you integrate smart contracts in your business operations?

Smart contracts have quickly become one of the must-have business innovations of 2018. Read more: bitcoinist.com

New smart digital economy

Smart contracts already play an important role in the new digital economy. Smart algorithms aim to perform transactions without human help, and reduce costs. Read more: thefintechtimes.com

Etherecash raises up to $40m through its ICO

P2P cryptocurrency lending platform Etherecash has raised up to $40m through its ICO, with contributions coming from over 46,000 investors. Read more: fintech.global

EROSCOIN introduces next generation global payment solution

The EROSCOIN payments solution utilizes self-executing smart contracts to enable rapid, economic transactions in under 20 seconds. Read more: bitcoinist.com

Blockchain smart contracts for supply chains

A new report explains the concept of smart contracts and their application in supply chains, as well as highlighting their pros and cons. Read more: www.globaltrademag.com

Blockchain and life insurance – ripe pickings

Life insurance incumbents shouldn't underestimate the innovation potential inherent in smart contracts, say Oliver Bussmann and Florian Herzog. Read more: banknxt.com

Blockchain startup Libra hires former Siemens chief risk officer

Blockchain and smart contracts company Libra has hired Siemens’ former chief risk officer (CRO) Dr Gerard Brennan as its director of audit technology. Read more: fintech.global

FinTech investor tryb pumps $4m into smart contracts firm Chinsay

Sweden-based smart contracts company Chinsay has picked up $4m from Singapore-based FinTech investor tryb Capital. Read more: www.fintechroundup.com